'A candidate . . . for you'

'A candidate . . . for you'

Virginians head to the polls Tuesday to pick both a Republican and Democratic candidate for governor.

For the Democrats, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and former 5th District Congressman Tom Perriello want to be the next Governor. This race has been spiced up with salacious accusations and targeted ads between candidates Mrs. Vogel and Mr. Reeves, and whether voters paid attention to or cared about that will soon be revealed. Northam was expected to cruise in as the party's only choice, but after Trump's election, Perriello threw his hat into the ring, arguing that bolder leadership was needed to be push back against Trump-style politics.

I first found out about Tom Perriello nearly a decade ago, during the debate over healthcare reform.

Gillespie said the tax cut, along with his other business-friendly proposals, would help small companies create new jobs and spur the economy. Among those, two incumbents — Ron Villanueva, who represents part of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, and Bobby Orrock, who represents parts of Caroline and Spotsylvania counties — are facing primary challengers.

Some voters will have primary selections for the House of Delegates.

Republicans Corey Stewart, Frank Wagner and Ed Gillespie will face off on today's ballot. Trump's presidency has weakened the party still more.

Primaries for state level elections in Virginia are known for their notoriously low turnout, despite the fact that the vote is open to all registered voters.

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We need a governor who will lead to a new Virginia Way dedicated to the elimination of this old condition, committed to an impenetrable alliance amongst all segments of Virginians, and where prosperity and opportunity for all drives our present on behalf of our future. Northam has taken a more cautious approach on the pipeline, calling for a rigorous review before they are built without outright rejecting the proposal.

"[The Democrats are] constantly trying to divide us, constantly trying to pit Virginian against Virginian, millennial against retiree, northern Virginia against coal country, employee against employer, women against men".

If reading this in the WHSV app, please click the link below which says 'View Additional Content'. "You might call it establishment; I call it educated". This is about Virginia!

In-person absentee ballots will be accepted at the Halifax County Voter Registration and Elections Office until June 10, Harding said. There is an undeniable inertia to incumbency, especially when things are going well, and he is running on a platform that, at least in Virginia-an increasingly blue state where McAuliffe ran and won on gun control-has met with a series of statewide successes.

The now razor-thin race has shades of the 2016 primary contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

"I parked the cars for the staff that worked in the big office building on Capitol Hill and one of the people I was parking cars there with had an internship in one of the offices where there was another opening", Gillespie said.

Waiting in line for canvassing materials with his wife, Seth McDaniel said he resented the idea that national figures backing Perriello, including Sens. He's made immigration a top campaign issues as well, vowing full support for Trump's policies and promising to deport any undocumented immigrant who is arrested "no questions asked". I'm anxious about our future. Many says that the environmental destruction caused by the pipeline's construction could hurt the region's growing tourism industry, which brings in almost $1b a year to the region and has grown by 53% over the last decade.