Britain: Conservative Party loses majority, will need to form coalition

Britain: Conservative Party loses majority, will need to form coalition

Corbyn is the leader of Britain's Labour Party, who's been called the "British Bernie Sanders". It's hard to say that anyone came out of this election looking very well. It was a gamble which has failed.

May formalized the deal around 1 pm June 9 at Buckingham Palace, where she asked the Queen for permission to form a government. Many within the Conservative Party now believe it is time for her to go and time for the party to choose a new leader.

DUP MPs are meeting to discuss the situation and one told Sky's senior political correspondent Beth Rigby earlier: "We would consider a supply and confidence arrangement to make sure Theresa May has sufficient support to keep her in government". The Conservatives did manage to increase their share of the vote to 42.4 per cent, as did Labour, which received 40 per cent. Its leaders remember how unionist parties used their leverage in the dying days of John Major's government (which lost its majority through deaths and by-elections in December 1996) and - more significantly - after the breakdown of the Lib-Lab pact in 1978.

Facing down calls to stand down by Labour and the Lib Dems, a defiant Mrs May has made a decision to cling on to power by forming a minority Conservative government. When Enoch Powell was expelled from the Tory party after his fascist turn, he moved to Northern Ireland.

May, of course, put herself in this awful position by being a truly bad political operator who got her comeuppance when Labour came roaring up on her in the last weeks of the campaign, and then succeeded well enough in the election to force her to ally herself with the dog's breakfast party in Ulster.

"She has been found out, she should be ashamed", he said.

Among the victims was Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer, the author of the Conservatives' widely-criticised manifesto.

"They are wrong and they need to understand why we take those positions from a faith point of view and why we want to protect the definition of marriage", she said.

GETTYProtesters were furious about the prospect of a DUP coalition

The pro-Brexit UKIP party previously led by Nigel Farage has lost all its seats.

A party councillor in Ballymena reportedly claimed Hurricane Katrina, which killed more than 1,500 people in the USA, was God's revenge for New Orleans hosting an annual gay pride event.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she assumed Britain still wanted to leave the European Union and talks should start quickly.

From my attractive daughters.

Numerous party members are also uncomfortable with the kind of deal that will have to be struck with the DUP, a socially conservative party that takes an opposing stance on issues such as abortion and same sex marriages.

The DUP, led by Arlene Foster, is the biggest party in Northern Ireland, and its underlying principle is unity with the rest of the UK. DUP-funded promotional efforts, including sponsored social media posts, garments, standard display advertising (including a wraparound advert in a London freesheet paper) filtered across mainland Britain throughout the referendum campaign.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has since sought assurances from May that any deal with the DUP would not affect LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and/or Intersex) rights across the UK.

Multiple reports now confirming that the Kensington constituency in London has been won by the Labour Party - for the first time ever.

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