Here's the List of Macs Getting macOS High Sierra

Apple's new desktop operating system carries the name macOS High Sierra. Included is an updated version of Safari that includes a number of useful new features. It comes with autoplay blocking, which is a key in respecting privacy.

A Mac with Thunderbolt 3 running the latest beta version of macOS High Sierra is also required.

The Apple File System (APFS) offers enhanced security, performance, and better data reliability. Apple may not be doing much to close the gap in absolute terms, since the GPU hardware in its brand-new iMac Pro will likely be quite expensive.

According to WCCF Tech, if the users are looking to install macOS 10.13 High Sierra Beta on their Mac from scratch, then they need a bootable USB installation drive for that. Other upcoming PC VR headsets should also work.

The Vive is one of HTC's gambits to diversify from its core smartphone market, which is saturated and intensely competitive, in the hope of creating an additional revenue source and turning around its business. Also announced was intelligent tracking prevention that uses machine learning to identify and block trackers that monitor user behaviour on the internet. That means that when you perform a Spotlight search, relevant emails will show up at the top. A footnote in Apple's High Sierra preview page spotted by Apple Insider says that eGPU support is "planned for spring 2018". As Ad Age points out, less than 5% of people browse the web on computers using Safari-compared to Google Chrome, which has roughly 60% of the market. With one of the most successful app ecosystems in the world, Apple has attracted a large and loyal developer community. Loop is essentially GIFs. Even if you love to live on the edge, this might be the time to hold off. Long Exposure is a DSLR-like effect for motion blur, while Bounce reminds us of Instagram Boomerange. So whatever you're gawking at - amusing videos of cats; VR games; "buttery smooth" (as Apple put it) windows slurping into the Dock - High Sierra's going to make your eyes that bit happier. There's now a persistent sidebar and a view that has all of your imports in chronological order.

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Naturally it responds to "Hey Siri" at which point a Siri-esque light appears at the top allowing you ask it some commands. The latest example is the HomePod, the company's entrance into the competitive market for home personal assistants.

The Photos app hasn't been ignored either. Also the Photo app is now compatible with the external applications, such as Photoshop and Pixelmator to edits pictures, as desired. But the coolest features are the new built-in editing tools.

"I've always done my art and development on a Mac, so I'm really excited about these new iMacs", Lucas Films' Knoll said. But that's not confirmed.

This isn't strictly due to performance improvements, though; rather it's down to a new feature called Clones, which allows you to duplicate files without occupying extra space on the disk. First unveiled at WWDC 2016, Apple said it would arrive to all of its products, from Apple TV to iOS. Because APFS is decades newer than the HFS+ file system that the Mac uses now, it was designed with modern-day concerns in mind, such as how to best work with solid-state drives.

APFS matters if you care about data.

As Mac users have often complained the lack of horse power that is available at their disposal, this new integration can help developers make apps that are more demanding but can now be handled with the help of external graphics. Now the company has announced the next version to it, named "High Sierra" at the WWDC 2017, held in California.