Apple Dives Into Augmented Reality with ARKit for iOS 11

Apple Dives Into Augmented Reality with ARKit for iOS 11

Its new person-to-person payment, where iPhone users can pay each other on the Messenger app, drew a huge round of applause.

It's not 100% clear yet whether the Files app will be rolling out to all iPad owners with access to iOS 11 or just the Pro range.

Although on paper the display resolution remains relatively low, at 264ppi, it's hard to see how this display could be made much better, and there's no denying these are the most impressive screens on an iPad yet. If you want a cheaper device, Apple has given you the option to pick up a new, 9.7-inch iPad as compared to the $399 Mini 4.

Photos and the camera got some large updates.

"It has six microphones that are always listening for the trigger phrase 'Hey, Siri.' It works with Apple Music and your existing iTunes library to play tunes or podcasts", they continue. You'll be able to ask Siri, "How do you say this in Chinese?" and it will speak it. Languages include Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish, with more coming in the future. For example, if you search for "Iceland" in Safari, Siri will surface Iceland-related articles in the News app and bring up QuickType suggestions in Icelandic.

-Deeper integration with Apple Pencil, with support for inline drawing to write along text in Notes and Mail. Apple noted on the WWDC stage that Nike can add exercise playlists through the catalog, or Shazam can automatically add the songs it identifies to your music collection. You can now use Siri to add to your Evernote or pull up a QR code in WeChat, among other things. Furthermore, there won't be as many difficulties for users watching TV shows and movies that they may have faced previously.

Given that WWDC is first and foremost a developer conference, we had lots of news about updates to Apple's various operating systems. Even though they're available on the cloud, your messages will still be protected with end-to-end encryption. Widgets and camera app can be opened by swiping left and right respectively.

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Obviously, iOS 11 the Operating System!

Users will be able to see Apple Maps, Apple's navigation application, while driving - though they will be unable to input destinations. For iPad, iOS 11 will introduce a customizable dock for the tablet. You can send cash to a friend or family member though Messages, similar to something like Venmo. Apple's entrance into augmented reality on iPhone could jump-start the industry that's mostly been a playground for games. Apple says the machine is fast enough for real-time 3D rendering, code compiling and designing virtual reality content.

The free software update for mobile devices, iOS 11, is expected in September, when Apple typically releases new iPhones.

- Multi-touch drag and drop available across the system to move text, photos and files from one app to another, anywhere on the screen.

"Without a file manager, you really couldn't use it as a professional tool", he told TechNewsWorld.

Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, introduced the new software, which drives the iPhone and iPad.