IOS 11: Apple's Familiar Yet Wildly Futuristic OS

Kicking things off with the software announcements, the keynote, started with tvOS updates. Check out our rolling coverage below!

"Apple's the last of the big 5 (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook) to reveal something about AI but only by less than a year", Blau said. A few years ago Amazon, which sells its Fire Stick to connect TVs to internet-delivered programming, stopped selling the Apple TV and Google's Chromecast. It brings several new features alongside improvements for core technologies that are crucial to the iOS experience. Safari is adding autoplay blocking, so loud videos don't start playing without your approval. After all, why do websites still do this?

We've also got some new iMac Pro models to look forward too.

In other announcements, Apple said it is updating its entire line of MacBooks with Intel's seventh-generation processors known as Kaby Lake. New consumer iMacs also go on sale today starting at $1099, with the high end model starting at $1799.

Apple executives also teased that there will be more third-party support to let developers integrate new and better experiences into Siri.

A new iMac Pro desktop computer targeted at professionals was also announced but will not be available until December.

New female and male voices.

How about the Macbooks?

Essentially, it's about as updated as an iPad Pro gets, and with support for 802.11ac WiFi and high-speed 4G LTE, Apple appears to be pushing this as the tablet that does more. You can head over to the company's official website for learning more about it.

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One of the new features in iOS 11 includes synchronized messages on iOS and macOS. This means that the app will now utilize less storage locally, freeing up room on your device for other apps and media.

Apple Pay, P2P: Person-to-person payments are now part of Apple's Messages app.

Auto long exposure option added.

Seamless loop of live photos.

Apple's Siri assistant will be integrated into the $349 ($NZ490) speaker, and can make music recommendations that pair with the company's Apple Music service, send text messages, check news and sports scores and control compatible home gadgets like lightbulbs and thermostats. The company announced the new watchOS 4.

The company rolled out new tools for developers to create augmented reality applications for iPhones and iPads.

In addition, Apple unveiled a new lineup of MacBook Pro and iMacs which have more processing and graphics power than previous iterations. It now has separate tabs that shows new recommendations to the users. The 12-core GPU will also provide a 40 per cent bump in performance, according to Apple.

Once the feature is enabled, the iPhone will be able to automatically detect when a person is driver using Bluetooth or motion sensors and will silence all notifications to keep the screen dark.

The company adds that the tablets are available in the U.S. from next week.