May and Corbyn set out opposing European Union 'no deal' stances

"The Battle For Number 10" - to be broadcast on Sky News and Channel 4 - will see the two leaders field questions from voters, moderated by Sky's political editor Faisal Islam.

But Callum pointed to a specific commemoration for Republican dead that had been attended by Mr Corbyn.

"We know she would demand a referendum in independence as part of any deal with Labour".

When Mr Paxman questioned when the Remain supporter had changed her mind and decided that leaving the European Union was a good idea, she replied: "The British people were given the choice and the British people decided they wanted the United Kingdom to leave the European Union..."

"I will write the appropriate letter to our commanders who are obviously very responsible, very loyal naval officers", he said.

The video focused on the topic of school funding and included the moment May was heckled and laughed at by the studio audience for saying the Labour manifesto figures don't add up.

The Liberal Democrat leader added Prime Minister Mrs May was pursuing former Ukip leader Nigel Farage's "cold, mean-spirited, extreme Brexit agenda".

"Doing what is the right thing by the country".

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Despite her recent difficulties, May also has some solid reasons to be content. My point was that we need more police not less - that's why we've pledged to provide 10,000 more police on our streets - and we need a foreign policy that doesn't leave large areas of the world ungoverned so that we have a more secure future for all of us. I think we could be in for a Trump-like surprise come 8 June.

She frequently referred to former Cabinet colleague Ken Clarke's description of her as a "bloody hard woman" and said she was ready to walk away from negotiations if there was only a "bad deal" on offer. She said: "You are not in there to get a deal at any price".

Looking back at Mr Corbyn's performance when questioned by Jeremy Paxman and a studio audience in Monday night's televised showdown, Mrs May said: "He is not prepared to use the nuclear deterrent".

Mr Corbyn took the floor first, getting off to a rocky start with questions from an apparently Northern Irish member of the audience on his past association with the IRA, but later finding hit feet - and a rapport with the audience - before losing his cool when questioned on higher taxation.

"Theresa May is certainly the overwhelming favourite to win but crucially we are in the territory now where how well she is going to win is uncertain", John Curtice, professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde, told Reuters.

Mr Corbyn defended his description of the Palestinian group Hamas as "friends" and his comment that the killing of Osama bin Laden by USA special forces had been a "tragedy". Corbyn said he thought bin Laden should have been arrested and put on trial. "And he could have been", he said.

Mr Corbyn last Friday linked British military action overseas to terrorism at home, and put the focus on Mrs May's previous role as home secretary, the office that has oversight of the police.

May was challenged over her change of heart on several issues, including an abrupt shift last week over plans to finance long-term care, and the merits of Brexit, which she once opposed but now embraces.