Trump says he didn't mention Israel in meeting with Russians

Saudi Arabia said that President Donald Trump " s speech at the Arab-Islamic summit held here contained key indicators of the USA policy on the Middle East and the horizon of cooperation that exists today with those communities.

The US President on Sunday told the leaders of 55 Muslim-majority countries at an Arab-Islamic-American summit in Riyadh that Islamic leaders must do their fair share to "drive out" terrorists from their own countries in a speech that put the burden on the Arab region to combat extremists. And then they gave me two big bushels of dates as a present, as a thank you for the trip that we had had.

Eric Bolling, a co-host of Fox News was also happy with the president's remarks.

"We thought it was a fantastic idea", World Bank President Jim Young Kim said, when news of the $100 million donation broke.

Much of the focus during the summit was on countering what Gulf states see as the threat from Iran, which opposes Saudi Arabia in a range of regional conflicts from Syria to Yemen.

"Based on what we know, there's no reason to believe that those two things did not happen".

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He followed with a sobering warning: "Religious leaders must make this absolutely clear: Barbarism will deliver you no glory".

Later Monday, before evening talks with Netanyahu, Trump will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and then the Western Wall, the holiest site for Jewish prayers, in Jerusalem's Old City.

"The most depressing part of the performance was the vilification of Iran as the source of all terror and evil in the region, a tune which was replayed immediately upon arrival in Israel with the pledge that Tehran will never have a nuke", Giraldi said. Democratic and Republican administrations have in the past said Jerusalem's status must be solved through US negotiation.

Tillerson's candid assessment, made to reporters aboard Air Force One Monday, represents a remarkable turnaround for a presidential candidate who campaigned on a platform that argued for "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States". Sitting beside the US President, King Salman of Saudi Arabia declared: "The Iranian regime has been the spearhead of global terrorism".

"The president should have insisted that Muslim leaders end the use of the problematic textbooks throughout the Muslim world promoting Islamist extremism and violence and urge that they examine why terrorism emanates from some Muslim societies", he said.

Palestinians, who viewed Trump's victory with some trepidation, are said to have been pleasantly surprised by Trump's openness during a recent meeting with Abbas in Washington.