Computer starts go match against Chinese champion

Computer starts go match against Chinese champion

Even with a win, Google still loses in China.

Go is hugely popular in Asia, with tens of millions of players in China, Japan and the Koreas.

It has announced plans to bring some services back to the country, including its app store Google Play. She said Google is looking to hire AI engineers in China to add to the more than 500 staff in Beijing and Shanghai. Officials promptly accused the company of violating agreements made before entering the market. The U.S. giant then began redirecting search users to Hong Kong before the government eventually blocked that entirely, helping competitor Baidu Inc. solidify its domestic lead. It remains a rigidly controlled regime that bars Facebook and Twitter and aids the rise of domestic champions such as Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.

Hiring Chinese engineers will likely be easier than winning over the country's regulators and consumers, given lingering bitterness over Google's 2010 departure, when Google co-founder Sergey Brin became an outspoken critic of China's government.

After the match, DeepMind said the AI is now being powered by Google's second-generation cloud Tenser Processing Unit (TPU) unveiled at its I/O conference held earlier this month. Google subsidiary DeepMind took up the challenge with its neural network AlphaGo, and past year the system proved its worth by defeating South Korean champion Lee Sedol, winning four out of the five matches.

Created by DeepMind, Google's AI division, AlphaGo isn't officially ranked as a player, but the string of victories is a landmark moment for AI development. And the first 100 moves were the best anyone had ever played against AlphaGo's master version.

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This week's series in the eastern Chinese city of Wuzhen has been closely watched by futurists and Go fans curious over whether AlphaGo could beat the world's best, after making headlines a year ago by trouncing a South Korean grandmaster.

YouTube has been blocked in China since 2009. When I asked him if the week marked an end game for the algorithm, he said the question of what comes next would be addressed soon.

The Chinese player declared AlphaGo a "god' of the game after his first defeat Tuesday". The Future of Go exhibition matches will also see AlphaGo partner up with a flesh-and-blood sidekick to take on two human players simultaneously and attempt to hold its own against five Go masters working together to unseat the A.I. kingpin, the Verge reported Monday.

The game is dizzyingly complex, with more possible positions for the black and white game pieces-called stones-than there are atoms in the known universe (seriously).

"We'll release some details of the architecture, of the games that AlphaGo plays against itself, later this week", said the DeepMind CEO.