Destiny 2 On PC May Be Releasing Later Than Console Versions

Destiny 2 On PC May Be Releasing Later Than Console Versions

At the heart of Destiny 2 is loss, Bungie told us on-stage at the gameplay unveiling.

Today, the PC version of Destiny 2 was detailed to be launching exclusively on Blizzard's, with 4K resolution support, uncapped framerate, and more. But it's starting to sound like Destiny 2 might not hit PC the same day that Bungie's shooter is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Not only will the areas be bigger than those found in the first game, but there will be outposts scattered around these worlds where players will find NPCs and new activities to participate in. Below you can look at the first seven minutes of the first mission called "Homecoming". Guardians will now have three weapons slots for Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons. There will also be a ton of new strikes, new modes and a brand new raid. There will also be a new feature called "guided games" which Bungie says can help solo players find a group to play with and allows groups to "open up your party to new players who are looking to play with you". Previously only 50% of players took place in the raids, which left half of the player based unable to play one of the best parts of Destiny. A great system when finding five other people to play with gets a little tough, or when new players want to take a crack at the team multiplayer. Dubbed as the Red War campaign, Destiny 2's campaign has players regaining their powers and finding their allies before taking on Dominus Ghaul.

But it's not exactly clear when the PC version of Destiny 2 will ship.

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3 New Supers: The Warlock's Dawnblade, Hunter's Arcstrider and the Titan's Sentinel. Additionally, there are also rumors that "Destiny 2" will get its first DLC expansion by the end of this year and its second DLC expansion in early 2018.

Each non-Earth planet is the new home of one of the old Vanguard leaders - Zavala, Cayde and Ikora.

Destiny wasn't available on PC, and it makes sense that Destiny 2 comes to it. The PC version of the game is exclusive to Activision's service. Do you think it's a possibility that we could see a Guardian in the Nexus?