Where Texas senators stand on American Health Care Act

The health care coverage of hundreds of thousands of Montanans hangs in the balance.

Nevada is the first state to tackle health insurance accessibility in this way.

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These figures do not include the effect of tax credits or subsidies in both laws, though the CBO said the payments are less generous under the AHCA, which would tend to make it harder for people to afford insurance. To maintain the standard of continuous coverage, a person could not let their insurance lapse for more than 63 days, and insurance obtained through an employer, COBRA, Medicare, Medicaid, or the individual market satisfies the requirement.

There appears to be an undercurrent that all Americans should just buckle down, get to work and buy their own health insurance.

"Much of the focus so far has been on pre-existing conditions, because it's easier to understand than a program for the low income", said Diane Rowland, executive vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Finally, the conservatives say, we've eliminated Obamacare.

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Medicaid also funds medical equipment and services for disabled children.

Republicans are intent on repealing the Affordable Care Act so they can give a giant tax cut to the rich, who'd no longer have to pay the tab, and allow healthy people to opt out altogether.

However, under the AHCA, now under consideration in the Senate, the tax credit will be a flat rate based on age. "Protesting isn't going to help; I think we ought to sit down with the folks on each side and try to fix it".

An aide to one Democrat who attended the session said the lawmakers discussed health care ideas in "broad strokes".

"We need to have a coordinated strategy moving forward to be able to handle whatever it is that happens", said Dr. Christine Ghaly, chief operations officer for the Department of Health Services. Rick Perry said Texas would not be a part of "something as foolish as Medicaid expansion".

The bill was so bad that an amendment was offered to exempt Members of Congress from participating in Trumpcare.

McConnell has only two votes to lose when whatever bill is generated comes up for a vote. She is also not sure what the state would do in response to changes made by the AHCA. Then she changes the subject. She said she was pleased that Obama's health care law protects those with pre-existing conditions, as she now has.