Celtics, Lakers, 76ers have plenty riding on the NBA lottery

Magic Johnson highlights the list of onstage team representatives at Tuesday night's NBA Draft Lottery.

The Miami Heat will have a minuscule chance of coming away with a top five selection in the NBA Draft Lottery on Tuesday. This year the drama surrounding the lottery comes not only because of how talented the incoming class is, but the numerous scenarios in which teams could see their picks disappear. It's kind of how we work a little bit.

The plan, Taylor said, is that this be Minnesota's last appearance in the draft lottery for the foreseeable futures.

Depending on how the ping-pong balls bounce Tuesday night during the National Basketball Association draft lottery, general manager Danny Ainge and the Celtics could be celebrating.

We learned the average lottery pick resulted in a WS/48 of 5.26 which has a similarity score most comparable to Trail Blazers F Meyers Leonard (5.30). On the second try, the Celtics "won" the lottery and stayed at No. 1. Kentucky beat UCLA and Fox outscored Ball, who played through a hamstring injury, 39-10.

"I'd take the No. 1 overall pick", said Bertrand.

Spurs overcome Leonard injury, Harden to beat Rockets in OT
If Kawhi actually is limited in Game 6, San Antonio's shooting from the outside will need to improve, especially when wide open. The Spurs' Game 5 overtime victory over the Rockets is the type of game where you often do your analysis based on the outcome.

Arguably the most exciting two minutes in sports is upon us as ping-pong balls, awkward close-ups and guaranteed disappointment will be in full force.

If the same team comes up a couple of times, the result is discarded and another four-ball combination is drawn. Saric might one day be the best player to come from this group.

While Nos. 1 and 4 would be the best possible outcome for the Sixers, the worst would be just No. 6 (3 percent) or Nos.

"I think we're prepared to have it", new Lakers general Rob Pelinka told The Orange County Register of the team landing a top-three pick. You want to know. They had the 3rd best odds at the number one pick, but they were not guaranteed the 3rd spot. If they land in the Top 3, they keep their 2017 and 2019 first round selections, but have to send Orlando second round picks in 2017 and 2018. As such, if the Philadelphia 76ers did not receive that year, they would receive in a later draft. However, for maximum drama the telecast begins at pick 14 and counts down until the top pick. Ideally, the Celtics win both - but what if you could only have one?

After finishing with the 12th-worst record in the league, the Pistons would hold the 12th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft if all falls according to odds.

Franchise legend and two-time champion Clyde Frazier will represent the franchise at the lottery Tuesday in Manhattan. The drawing will be broadcast on ESPN so fans can watch online via the sport network's official WatchESPN live stream. Tim Duncan, who also attended Wake Forest, is the only other player to accomplish that.