Tesla now selling solar roof, says savings will cover costs

Tesla now selling solar roof, says savings will cover costs

"I think the aesthetics are really that good". "More in about 10 hours". Elon Musk, Tesla founder, and CEO said in a Tweet on Wednesday morning.

Of the four panel types Tesla has said it will make, only two are now available for preorder: "smooth" or "textured" glass tile. Although only two of the four possible tile styles are being made available at this point.

People can now order the smooth black glass shingles and the textured glass shingles for their Solar Roof.

Tesla was initially slated to start taking orders for its solar roof tiles in April but delayed the big day until now. The tiles are extremely durable, and Tesla is backing it up with an unprecedented warranty.

In "early 2018 a "Tuscan" style and another that looks like slate are due". The power and weatherization warranty last for 30 years. "It portrays cutting-edge technology with broad appeal, but ... it competes in a solar market where most customers are comfortable in a family sedan".

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The high price of renewable energy solutions has been among the greatest barriers to a wider adoption, but affordability could make them mainstream. However, the cost will be offset by the value of energy the tiles produce, Tesla claims. According to Tesla's calculator, some roofs will cost more than $75,000.

Interested parties can place an order for a solar roof with a down payment of $1310.

Latest reports suggest that Tesla solar roofs can now be pre-ordered in Australia. Looking at the image above, you can also imagine how much more appealing it would be to the eyes since it also gives a more ultra modern look to the home, at the same time.

The rooftop shingles are virtually indistinguishable from traditional high-end roofing products, with discreet solar cells embedded beneath a glass surface. That includes the installation of the 14kWh Powerwall in your home so you can store that solar energy to use, even at night.

Tesla also rolled out a calculator on its website using data from Google Sunroof, a 2015 project from the search giant that used 3D modeling to map out every house's potential for solar panel output. Initial trials found the new strategy was 50 to 100 percent more effective than at the best non-Tesla locations selling SolarCity products.