Republicans voted against the GOP health bill

Republicans voted against the GOP health bill

The bill still has to be passed by the Senate before it heads to the White House for Trump to sign it into law.

US President Donald Trump has declared Obamacare "essentially dead" after the Republican healthcare bill was narrowly passed by the House of Representatives.

Wavering moderate Republicans had anxious that the legislation to overhaul President Barack Obama's 2010 signature healthcare law would leave too many people with pre-existing medical conditions unable to afford health coverage.

An earlier version of the Republican plan collapsed in March when party moderates and conservatives refused to get on board - dealing Trump one of his most stinging setbacks since he took office.

The GOP health bill would eliminate the fines Obama's law imposed on people who don't buy coverage, and erase tax increases in the Affordable Care Act on higher-earning people and the health industry.

Peter Kongstvedt, a Virginia health industry consultant, said some House Republicans are likely betting the Senate blocks their legislation from going forward.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney also urged constituents to call their senators and tell them to vote "no" on the AHCA.

Democrats warned that the changes will leave Americans worse off. It would cut the Medicaid program for low-income people and let states impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients.

At least three House Republicans who voted Thursday to pass their party's health care bill have admitted to not thoroughly reading the legislation. Right?" As people applauded, he added, "I don't know, it's - I thought you needed a little bit more time. "I am so confident". It could be maybe even better. If the AHCA was exclusively a bill about Medicaid reform, we'd be jumping for joy. "Yes, deductibles will be coming down".

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It has yet to be scored by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office to determine how much the bill will cost or how many people could lose coverage.

Thursday's actions may include provisions that could cut short the lives of millions of Americans and cause other untold misery, but the primary motivation behind the Republican "healthcare bill", isn't one of evil - it's one of desperation.

Republicans have argued that their bill would give people more choice and reduce the role of government. And, several of the 20 Republicans who voted against AHCA could end up being blamed anyway, much as 17 of the 30 Democrats who took a pass on the ACA and then ran for reelection ended up losing in 2010.

Critics and health experts slammed the figure as woefully insufficient to cover the enormous cost they say would be associated with high-risk pools.

On Thursday, Aetna shares closed up 0.8 percent, Humana shares rose 2.2 percent, and UnitedHealth Group shares were up 0.9 percent.

The difficulty in the House is now making Democrats optimistic that Republicans will face backlash from voters and face losing seats in the 2018 midterm elections. Many said last-minute amendments further eroded protection for the most vulnerable groups, including the sick and elderly.

"In all likelihood, what you're going to see if it does emerge from the Senate, is a very, very different type of legislation that will ultimately have to be brought together and unified with the House bill", Borick said.

House Republican Conference chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers highlighted her son's Down syndrome to show that the Republican goal of protecting people with pre-existing conditions was "a personal mission" for her.