Congress passes short-term spending bill, averting shutdown for now

Congress passes short-term spending bill, averting shutdown for now

Both chambers of Congress have passed a one-week extension to the temporary budget that is funding the government.

House members have easily voted to approve a short-term spending bill that would avoid a partial government shutdown at midnight. Only 16 Republicans and 14 Democrats opposed the bill.

House members voted 382-30 to approve the legislation, which gives lawmakers until midnight on May 5 to try to reach a compromise on legislation to fund the government through the rest of fiscal year 2017, which ends September 30.

Democrats denied Trump a win on obtaining an initial down payment for his oft-promised border wall with Mexico, while anti-abortion lawmakers steered clear of even attempting to use the measure to try to cut off federal funds for Planned Parenthood.

Rep. Steny Hoyer, the Southern Maryland lawmaker and No. 2 Democrat in the House, said there are still "significant items that are not resolved".

The White House desperately wanted a vote on the re-worked bill in order to give President Donald Trump a victory as his first 100 days approaches on Saturday. But one would assume that after the 100th-day-of-his-presidency landmark has come and gone, his interest level in the details of appropriations negotiations will precipitously drop.

"There are some people I know who voted for Trump exclusively because he would put a conservative on the court, so they're good", said Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Fla. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. said, "I support additional border security funding".

Such funding disputes could resurface later in spending bills for the next fiscal year.

Final negotiations on the long-term spending package played out this week as House Republican leaders tried to round up the necessary votes to move ahead on the repeal of the health care law. A failure to pass the bill would have resulted in a government shutdown that would close national parks, delay tax refunds and suspend thousands of federal employees' pay.

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From cancer to addiction, doctors and patient groups are warning that the latest Republican health care bill would gut hard-won protections for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

The White House had pushed to revive the House GOP's health care bill in time for a vote that could have given Trump bragging rights. “We shouldnt have allowed partisan politics once again to turn a looming deadline into a political standoff and whats really a manufactured crisis.”.

"Not all the poison pill riders have been eliminated, some have".

Congress couldn't strike a deal on a larger bill to fund the government for fiscal year 2017, so they bought some time with the stop-gap called a "continuing resolution".

"We can't afford to go to the country in 2018 with a Republican president, Republican Senate and Republican House and say 'well we just couldn't get it done, '" said GOP Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma. "A good number have", the New York Democrat said Friday. But Democrats, whose votes are needed to pass the measure, pushed back.

The government was last forced to close in October 2013, when Republican Senator Ted Cruz and some of the most conservative House Republicans engineered a 17-day shutdown in an unsuccessful quest to kill former Democratic President Barack Obama's healthcare law.

Vice President Mike Pence, when asked about Trump's accomplishments during his first 100 days on "Meet the Press", predicted that while the healthcare overhaul didn't happen before the milestone, it would soon.

The cordial, bipartisan work on the spending package contrasted with the fierce fighting over health care that shows no sign of abating.