Rajon Rondo's Incredible Pinpoint Full-Court Pass to Jimmy Butler

Boston is the better team and that will eventually shine through. A dunk by Al Horford finally snapped the scoreless spell by the Celtics whose red-hot shooting to start the game had gone icy cold. The Bulls squeaked into the playoffs through the back door. Also, the Celtics were much better against the spread this year on the road.

An overreaction to a pair of wins?

After an up and down year, in which the Bulls seemed to play their best against the top teams in the National Basketball Association, yet play down to the bad teams in the National Basketball Association, the Bulls will have to bring their best to upset the Celtics. That was the highest on the team, just ahead of Jimmy Butler (2.6), Dwyane Wade (2.4) and Jerian Grant (2.3). At first glance one would think that this series should be a cake walk for the Celtics with the Bulls maybe stealing a game or two.

That bunker mentality served them well Friday night, too, giving the Celtics gasp of air with their 104-87 win over Chicago in Game 3 of their first round playoff series. Always keep your guys together as long as possible so they can develop chemistry and make deep runs in the playoffs and go through things together and grow. However, no matter what happens from here on out, it is safe to say they certainly worked to prove many of their doubters wrong. Butler was thought to be on the trading block all the way up till the deadline. Our guys were in a good frame of mind in the week leading up [to the playoffs] and we were healthy. His small stature makes him vulnerable to be posted up.

Of course there was the mid-season quarrel over effort which was raised by Butler and Wade before being rebutted by Rondo on Instagram. I get three or four days of prep on a team, lock into their game plan, and I'm playing plus minutes. How in the world is this happening? "I'm not the one that they usually contact; usually they contact the front office".

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The fact the Celtics were 12 games better during the regular season hasn't mattered during the early stages of the series.

Rondo joined Michael Jordan as just the second player in Bulls history to record 10 assists and five steals in a playoff game over the past 30 seasons, according to ESPN Stats & Info. "I'm not going to do anything out of my character - go out and try to focus on rebounding and defense and try to be the most athletic player on the court".

Especially the ones to his left during the news conference at TD Garden on Tuesday - Butler and Wade.

The 2016-17 Bulls might have been a letdown, but it just may be time to start believing in them once more.