Texas bill allowing unlicensed carry of guns clear committee

He said he's faced questions about whether the bill would mean law enforcement would be pulling over slow drivers instead of speeders, but that both categories could get ticketed if his bill passes.

The debate got heated Tuesday over patients' rights to smokable marijuana.

An abortion bill that failed was one that would have changed the constitutional definition of what a person is to include any homo sapien at any stage of development, including at fertilization.

Many showed up to testify in favor of the simplified formula - as well as to ask the bill's author for more language to protect certain student groups or districts.

Critics believe the legislature has dropped the ball on medical marijuana legislation.

Tallahassee resident Dennis Deckerhoss said, "This is terrible". "[HB 2899] effectively requires the city that I represent enforce discriminatory practices on me and my friends and family", he said. Because a number of bills were effectively dead for the rest of session, anti-gun legislators have been attempting to revive them by adding them on to other pieces of legislation as amendments, or by re-introducing them as priority bills.

The bill, SB 406, had allowed for five new medical marijuana nursery licenses to be issued.

Sen. Sean Bennett wants tax reform - some cuts in income tax built into the bill that would raise the gas tax by 12-cents-per-gallon in increments of two cents for 6 years.

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Those for smoking say no other medicine is so tightly regulated.

Advocates have expressed concern that the House proposal doesn't honor the spirit of the amendment, and point to restrictions - like the 90-day waiting period and smoking prohibition - as examples to back up their claims.

"If this is now a medicine and the voters decided it was a medicine, we need to make it available", says Moskowitz.

Republican State Sen. Donald White, the sponsor of the bill, says it would provide another option to improve the safety and security of children, teachers and school staff.

After hours of testimony, the House Committee on State Affairs made a decision to leave their version of a "bathroom bill" pending.

Welch said that he would not have to make any changes to his physical appearance before going into a women's bathroom, based on local ordinances.

"We appreciate the collaborative of Chair Bileca and Chair Diaz in shaping good policy through partnership with school board members, and their commitment to allocate funding around what is best for students, '" said FCSBM President Shawn Frost. But Steube said in a text message that "nothing is dead" until session ends.