Russian Federation relations may be at their worst, says Donald Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin is on the "wrong side of history" by siding with the "barbaric" Syrian leader Bashar Assad, a senior United Kingdom diplomat has claimed. Tillerson is considering the request, he said, "and we expect that Washington will have a constructive reaction".

China, on the other hand, was a currency manipulator, a thief of U.S. jobs that should no longer be allowed to "rape our country".

Speaking to IRIB upon his arrival in Moscow, Zarif said it became necessary for Iran, Russia, and Syria, as three allies, to hold a coordination meeting following the United States military strike in Syria.

Trump and others have indeed threatened similar action. This has built for a long period of time.

Following the strike, the Trump team signaled a clear uptick in its criticism of Assad. "They were there", he said. China, Kazakhstan and Ethiopia abstained.

US officials have said that there is "no doubt" that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the attack.

Russia's hopes for a thaw in Russia-US ties following Mr Trump's election have been shattered by the congressional investigation into alleged ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hasn't produced any positive shift yet in Russia-U.S. relations, the Kremlin said Thursday.

Tillerson did raise the prospect of criminal proceedings at some point over the attack, including against Assad himself, but warned there were be major legal obstacles to this. -Russian ties from both Trump and Tillerson reflected the former Cold War foes' inability to forge better relations, as Trump until recently has advocated. After his first meeting with Putin, Bush said he "looked the man in the eye" and "found him very straightforward and trustworthy", getting a "sense of his soul".

"The working level of confidence in Russian-American relations, especially at the military level, under the administration of Donald Trump has not improved, but rather worsened", said Putin.

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"Yesterday, at the United Nations Security Council's meeting, we saw a theatrical event when the western countries raced to attack the Syrian political regime", he went on to say.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley told the council: "We want to work with Russian Federation to advance a political process in Syria".

"You can't just ask Russian Federation to redefine its interests", he said, adding that "Putin doesn't do favors".

Allegations of collusion between Russian officials and Trump campaign associates also have weakened Trump's ability to make concessions to Russia in any agreement, lest he be accused of rewarding bad behavior. But in the face of realities, there's been a switch.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that he'd told Xi a trade deal with the U.S. would be "far better for them if they solve the North Korea problem".

The dim view of U.S. Trump said it was "certainly possible" though "probably unlikely".

"You can not not talk to China". I think that's what he realized. "We are ready to help bring this conflict to an end", Haley told the UN Security Council.

What Beijing wants in North Korea is stability, not potentially disruptive change. "I have absolutely no doubt we did the right thing, and it was very, very successfully done".

"I view the U.S. missile strike as an aggression, as it took place without an approval from the United Nations and without any investigation on behalf of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which could have identified those responsible behind the use of chemical weapons", Muallem said.