Google Earth invites you to 'get lost' exploring the planet

Google Earth invites you to 'get lost' exploring the planet

Google Earth was always about exploration and the new version takes that further.

A mobile app is available for Android now, but there is no app available yet for Apple devices. Upon boot, you will be provided a brief tour of the new features.

Finally, a new 3D button will allow you to see a 3D depiction of any destination on Google Earth.

Scientists, governments and non-profit organizations have long used Google Earth in their work.

Google partnered with Nasa, BBC's Planet Earth, and even Sesame Street to bring in more photography of certain areas and content for "Voyager" - virtual guided tours through locales most of us will never visit.

One of the first Voyager stories users may encounter is called "This is Home".

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I'm Feeling Lucky: A classic I'm feeling lucky button has been added to the app, which now takes the users to random locations across the world.

The timeline can be filtered to different activities so if you just want to see where you have walked, drove or flew you can change the view accordingly. Instead of the typical flat satellite imagery, you get handsome shots that make Google Earth feel more immersive than ever before. By putting it inside Chrome, Google is now able to bring Earth to Chromebooks for the first time, which had been a longtime request from the education community.

After many years of stagnation, Google has finally chose to do something cool with Google Earth. Hitting this will randomly take you to one of 20,000 locations complete with Knowledge Cards to tell you all about them.

Google also launched an update to the Google Earth VR, that gives the user the ability to search using Oculus Rift with support for Oculus Touch controllers.

In addition to viewing visited places in the Timeline menu, users will also now see visit information on the individual place cards of locations or businesses.

Google Earth copped a nifty relaunch today and it's probably where you'll be killing a lot of time this week. 25 years later, after being adopted by an Australian family, he sets out to find his lost family with the help of Google Earth - the geobrowser that accesses satellite and aerial imagery and other geographic data over the internet to map the world.