One thing upsetting Phil Simms over CBS demotion

One thing upsetting Phil Simms over CBS demotion

It won't be anything new for him, since that was also the case during his tenure as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

When Tony Romo was released from the Dallas Cowboys this past Tuesday, his career opportunities were many. "He's been there for me through my entire time". I understand the challenges aheadI also understand that it can be pretty fun trying to attack something and do something at a high level. It's easily Romo, just like he will be a better broadcaster than the aforementioned quarterback.

As nostalgic as I am about things in life, I typically find it easier to deal with news that I was expecting. Just remember something folks, you can talk to Nantz however you want. He exemplifies that stuff.

"It's going to be a great challenge for me", Romo said on a conference call arranged by CBS.

If you are familiar with those folks, you might remember that many left with fans wanting more, but in Romo's case, there is nearly a sense of relief. "He's always been that way, and he's always going to be that way".

Columbia Broadcasting School: Experience isn't a requirement in TV any more than Dak Prescott needed the years as a backup Romo needed to be the Cowboys starting quarterback. That may have been a coincidence, but Garrett's name was again avoided in an interview with 105.3 The Fan's "Ben and Skin Show" a day later. Romo leaves football with a record of 78-49 as a regular-season starter and 2-4 in the post-season, with both victories in wild-card games. The 36-year-old went undrafted in the 2003 season, landed with the Cowboys, and earned his starting spot in 2006.

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The move caught many by surprise, due to the persistent rumours for weeks now that San Diego native would at least play the 2017 season, either in Houston or Denver. All anybody could think was, "Where is Romo?". Another one to keep an eye on is Jerry Jones himself with the family making the push to do it now that he's in the Hall of Fame.

Like Jones, Romo values loyalty.

Sensing the pressure, Romo spun away and eluded Watt before slinging a 50-yard bomb to Terrance Williams that was hauled in for a touchdown to give the Cowboys the lead. I will be enjoying Romo's highlights on YouTube - how he hit receivers in stride, his accuracy as he threw cruise missiles around the field and destroyed National Football League defenses even with the subpar talent around him and horrific front office mismanagement. He was the guy that made those offenses go, and for whatever reason they just never got over the hump in the playoffs and that matters.

Romo was not the ideal quarterback in any sense.

Romo's health obviously played a major factor in his decision to call it a career from the NFL.

Romo: Yes, he was listed as a victor earlier in this story, but in Romo's concession speech to Prescott in November - the one in which he recognized the reins to the team now belonged to the rookie - he acknowledged how much he wanted to compete and play. But it's fair to think that might have been a plum CBS offered to beat out other networks for a star player who might have been on the fence about playing.