Chinese leader arrives for first face-to-face with Trump

And China will either decide to help us with North Korea, or they won't.

Warning the USA could act alone, President Donald Trump has vowed to deliver an ultimatum to Chinese leader Xi Jinping to rein in North Korea when the two men come face-to-face for the first time this week.

Trump had already reaffirmed in February the United States' "one China" policy, which is consistent with the three U.S.

The analysts said Asian nations were concerned that U.S. leadership in the region might be "traded off" if China gave concessions to Donald Trump on trade, but were also anxious about being forced to take sides if ties between China and the USA worsened. He didn't go into details on how exactly this would be done, but the United States and South Korea have been training for decades for a possible military operation against the North.

Donald Trump announced on his Twitter feed last week that his meeting with China would be "a very hard one" because of the "massive trade deficits".

"We give state dinners to the heads of China".

"They should be happy if they get something fairly symbolic", said Jacques deLisle, who teaches Chinese law and politics at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

"I think trade is the incentive", Trump said.

Trump enters the meeting talking tough. "Some key topics include trade, currencies and the issues with North Korea". The trade deficit for February with the southern neighbor stood at $5.7 billion, just about a fourth of the gap that USA has with China. The Chinese see it as a threat in its own backyard.

What worries the protocol-conscious Chinese more than policy clashes is the risk that the unpredictable Trump could publicly embarrass Xi, after several foreign leaders experienced awkward moments with the new USA president.

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"It just hasn't shown any ability to break the 200-day moving average and clearly shows that the price action is not being driven in isolation but has been driven by the USA dollar", said Jeffrey Halley, senior market analyst at OANDA. He said Trump's claim that climate change is a hoax might erode public support for taking action reducing the country's reliance on coal.

Trump's resort offers a setting for low-pressure conversation. The two-day meeting at Trump's Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, starts Thursday after yet another North Korean provocation: the latest test-launch of a ballistic missile.

"The clock is very, very quickly running out", the official said.

The summit could be upended, however, by a literal explosion. The North conducted two nuclear tests and 24 ballistic missile tests previous year, defying six Security Council sanctions resolutions banning any testing. But he said Trump's more forceful approach may now be necessary. "I think that North Korea long ago ceased to be a strategic asset for China", he added.

South Korea is protected under an American security umbrella and is home to thousands of U.S. troops.

South Korea and the United States say the sole goal of the THAAD system is to defend against missile launches from North Korea but China says the system's powerful radar could penetrate into its territory. Among measures under consideration are "secondary sanctions" against Chinese banks and firms that do the most business with Pyongyang. "They're not going to deliver Kim Jong Un's head on a platter". Those meetings will have a variety of formats, the White House official said. Does he really expect Mr Trump to lay off large numbers of Chinese workers and risk social unrest, in this critical year, to make American manufacturing great again?

Under former U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese-American relations were often focused on curbing greenhouse gas emissions in the two biggest polluting countries in the world. The $347 billion deficit with China past year accounted for nearly half of the total US trade deficit.

Xi will likely highlight China's US financial investments in the meeting and offer future deals in areas such as aviation and agriculture, Paal said.

On the campaign trail, Trump threatened to impose a 45 percent tariff on Chinese imports as punishment for what he called abusive trade practices. "They are aware of the currency manipulator threat". It's another step in Xi Jinping's bid to transform China into an economy driven by consumption and innovation and away from traditional smokestack industries.