Trump Pushing Forward On Tax Reform After Healthcare Defeat

Trump Pushing Forward On Tax Reform After Healthcare Defeat

"And finally they took a manager's amendment at the last hour to try to get people to vote for it".

House Speaker Paul Ryan told reporters Tuesday that repeal efforts would continue on the Hill.

Convincing Congress to pass meaningful tax reform may be just as hard, and after the health care loss the White House may look across the aisle for some votes.

"We want to be urgent", said Republican Study Committee Chair Mark Walker (R-NC), who ultimately supported last week's bill after drawing some concessions. But the Ryan tax cut wasn't tied to health care. "I can't see how they achieve that".

Congress choked. Obamacare lives.House Republicans are at an unfamiliar crossroads after their seven-year effort to repeal the law collapsed. John Kennedy (R-LA) put it succinctly. "We had no Democrat support, no votes from the Democrats", he said. Replacing the health law was a centerpiece campaign item for many Republicans in 2016.

"Some of the Democrats who now say they were not involved early on in the process. they wanted nothing to do with the process, no way they would engage in any discussion of repeal", he said.

Vice President Mike Pence, who introduced Trump, thanked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for their leadership and service and called for a round of applause for the spouses who were in attendance.

"That's not what we said we would do", he added. "And I think people are willing to do that".

"The best thing we can do politically is let Obamacare explode".

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"I will explain how it all still works, and how we're still moving forward on health care with other ideas and plans. We need to lead".

"Well, it's just another day at the office for me, I guess", Dent said.

Several Republican senators are seeking an unlikely compromise with Democrats following the demise of the House GOP plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. He said he's encouraging the Senate to produce its own health care package, and he and others suggested that lawmakers may produce several smaller bills addressing pieces of the issue. But the bill - which one poll found had just a 17 percent approval rating among the American public - pleased nearly no one.

The bill failed to move forward, in part, because of objections of about 30 lawmakers with the Freedom Caucus.

"House Republicans raced to the floor with a cruel, disastrous replacement bill that would cut care to 24 million people and raise fees, while delivering billions in tax breaks, mostly for wealthy corporations and individuals".

There is not now a policy proposal circulating that would do anything to satisfy those two groups. "There's not much you can do to help it".

White House officials are signalling a renewed focus on job creation, taxes and the administration's push to win confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, a bright spot for the president.

Even so, it's not clear how eager all House Republicans are to reopen the debate after last week's embarrassing events.