Pakistan Shrine, Twenty Drugged, Stripped And Murdered

Pakistan Shrine, Twenty Drugged, Stripped And Murdered

Back in February, a woman, allegedly possessed by evil spirits, or "djinns", was killed by her "healers", who tied her to a tree upside down, while beating with sticks and fanning with smoke and heat.

Four others were wounded during the attack on Sunday morning at the Sufi Shrine to Mohammad Ali Guijar in the Punjab region. The report also said that the bodies were found unclothed. However, officials are calling it a cult ritual.

The killings were purportedly carried out by the shrine's custodian and several accomplices, officials said. He also announced an amount of Rs 500,000 for families of each of the deceased person, while Rs 200,000 for each injured person.

According to initial investigation, he became faith healer and used to perform religious practices at the premises of Sufi saint shrine of Muhammad Ali Gujjar in Sargodha where he killed his 20 after giving them drugs on Friday.

Officials said the incident in eastern Punjab province was the outcome of a dispute over custodianship of the shrine. Some custodians, however, claim they have the power to do more than offer blessings.

The DC added he believed Abdul Waheed suffers from a "critical mental disorder".

The shrine of Pir Muhammad Ali Gujjar in village 95/NB, on the edge of Sargodha city, is a small yet handsome complex built in a farmland.

"Residents have been reported as saying he would regularly beat his disciples".

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According to senior police officer Bilal Iftikhar, one injured witness said there was a clash between two groups of the caretakers of the dargah over its possession. However, the incidents were never reported to authorities.

Qadri said his department managed some 552 shrines in the province, but this one was not registered with it.

Asif Gujjar was included in the security staff of the Prime Minister.

Those killed had reportedly been intoxicated by poisoned food.

A view of the cordoned-off Sufi shrine. The explosion, which targeted the famous Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine, killed more than 70 people.

The Islamic State Khorasan, ISIS' affiliate in Afghanistan and Pakistan, claimed responsibility for that attack in a phone call to CNN.

Police has arrested five people including the faith healer. However, he did not explain what prompted him to torture and kill his followers.