Bidwill: Vegas will be "fun" for Cardinals fans

Bidwill: Vegas will be

Although the Raiders' impending departure opens the door a little wider for a new A's stadium, the baseball team is taking no pleasure in the idea of having the Oakland Coliseum to themselves.

Earlier this week the owners of all the NFL's football teams met to vote on the move and approved it by a count of 31 to 1. Miami was the lone dissenter.

Al Davis didn't accumulate extra millions-he would always pour most of it back into his roster. "This gives us the ability to achieve that". Las Vegas offered $750 million in public money and Bank of America said it would be willing to loan Davis $650 million to make it work. The $7 million includes the team's $3.5 million rent payment.

San Antonio was speculated as one potential landing spot for the Raiders after the team failed to move to Los Angeles, though nothing close to serious ever materialized.

A new facility provides innumerable benefits both at a local and a national level, as we will see moving forward.

To fulfill his father's last incomplete mission, Mark Davis needed a solution. And last, remember, this is the Raiders we're talking about.

"I wouldn't use the term lame duck", Davis insisted.

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It is very National Hockey League to be pioneers in opening up Las Vegas to pro sports, and then to become second-class citizens in their own market before a puck is dropped.

With the addition of an National Hockey League expansion franchise, the Vegas Golden Knights, and as of this week the Raiders, Las Vegas believes it has arrived as something substantially more than a one-off venue.

"I'm sure a lot of those insane fans wouldn't mind going to Las Vegas and enjoying a couple games over there", Reid said. But that doesn't make this experience less heartbreaking for fans in Oakland, where the team has been since 1995 and for most of its history. But that letter was "filled with uncertainty", according to Goodell. There is only a select group of cities in North America that are home to both an National Hockey League and an NFL franchise and Vegas is now one of them.

The planned stadium will seat 65,000 fans and is expected to cost $1.9 billion.

The Raiders' lease at Oakland Coliseum will be up at the end of the 2017 regular season with team options to continue playing there after each of the next two years. It has gotten to the point where the Warriors are moving across the Bay to San Francisco and the A's looked at a piece of land in Fremont's Pacific Commons district as a site for a new stadium. "Oakland is an incredible sports town and we would be sorry to see them leave".

I asked McKenzie if Carr, who said he would have been ready for the Super Bowl had the Raiders made it that far, would be good to go for the start of offseason workouts, which begin April 17. The mayor and her team have worked incredibly hard to save the franchise. Primarily, Oakland is losing a team, a team that had a great fan base when the team was disastrous, and now when the team is coming back around a young nebulous this move happens.

The Raiders, meanwhile, could play the next three seasons in Oakland while waiting for their new stadium to be built. Davis was passed over a year ago in an attempt to move to a stadium in the LA area that would have been jointly financed with the Chargers. Well, in a few years.