List Of NFL Rule Changes Approved At NFL Annual Meetings

Update: The NFL has released the complete list of rule changes for 2017. "We will find another way".

Adam Schefter of ESPN cited a source who said the league "feels the play is too unsafe and a player could get flipped over and seriously injured while leaping over the line". Elimination of that play is created to increase player safety.

However, Chancellor and Wagner may be in the minority in their opinions, even in Seattle. There have been some complaints though about the leap rule changing.

By Philadelphia: Prohibit players from running forward and leaping over a long snapper to block a field goal or extra point. This new rule comes a year after the league installed an automatic ejection system for players who committed two personal fouls in the same game. This could speed up the pace of games and provide more consistent replay decisions. The second, in which he did, was against the old rules but went uncalled.

Not sure how many concussions, torn Achilles, broken legs, and mangled ACLs were due to a player leaping over another player, but I'm edging towards zero.

Giants coach Ben McAdoo agreed when asked if a 10-minute overtime could make it more hard for both sides to have a possession, as now required if the receiving team in OT doesn't score a touchdown on its first series. So I'll be very interested to see what they'll do there.

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"What you're going to have to do now is start having centers raise their face up and get kicked in the face and things that are just risky to the players", Arians said, SB Nation reported. And you could also make the argument that this number would be higher with teams strategizing to hold onto the ball as long as possible in order to win at the last minute. Oh, and the National Football League is not out to get you Seattle.

Head coaches shouldn't have nearly unlimited opportunities to challenge officials. That didn't sound like a safe solution, he added. According to, the league feels that teams are at a "real disadvantage" when they have to play a Thursday game following a Sunday game where they played a 15-minute overtime period.

"It can not be officiated", Arians told SiriusXM NFL Radio a couple days later. "And I don't think we feel that ties are necessarily a bad thing".

"To a person, the players association was quick to say 'we don't like this play, '" competition committee chairman Rich McKay said.

Arians got his wish Tuesday.