Trump tosses Obama's 'clean' energy plan, embraces coal

Trump tosses Obama's 'clean' energy plan, embraces coal

Upon the Clean Power Plan's signing in 2015, President Obama called it "the biggest, most important step we have ever taken to combat climate change", but the law isn't now enforced.

Trump advertised the moves as a way to decrease the nation's dependence on imported fuels and revive the flagging coal industry.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday meant to increase USA energy independence by unraveling regulations former President Barack Obama had adopted to combat climate change.

"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive", Trump tweeted in November 2012.

"It is essential, not only to our planet, but also to our economic future, that the United States continues to serve as a global leader in solving the climate crisis by transitioning to clean energy", he said in a statement.

Worse, Trump's attack ignores reality-not just the reality of the climate crisis, but the reality that the clean energy economy is rapidly growing in both red and blue states, creating jobs and safeguarding our air and water. They claimed that the Obama administration was trying to shut down all electricity-generating plants that burn coal or oil as fuel in favor of wind and solar power.

The governors of California and NY said Tuesday that they'll push ahead with their aggressive climate change policies despite President Donald Trump's executive order that seeks to boost the coal industry.

"The so-called Clean Power Plan is one of the most glaring examples of executive overreach under the Obama administration, and it needs to go", Blunt said in a statement.

"We believe the Clean Power Plan, as proposed, was flawed". "This executive order will endanger the Paris Climate Agreement which was instrumental in getting some of the world's largest polluters to take important steps to reduce their carbon emissions".

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Conservation groups roundly criticized Trump's orders, with one comparing it to a declaration of war on the environment. That 40-percent makes PRB coal among the highest taxed commodities in the world.

Considering the immediate effects of this order, families invested in the energy sector could suffer a loss in job security, as the United States prioritizes an industry (coal) that most experts agree is on its last legs over something more practical and long lasting (renewable).

The order directs the EPA to start a formal process to undo the Clean Power Plan, which was introduced by Obama in 2014 but was never implemented in part because of legal challenges brought by Republican-controlled states. "The overwhelming scientific consensus is that climate change is real and man-made".

Even so, if the changes Trump is proposing go through, it will be hard for the United States to comply with the requirements outlined in the agreement. "He can't bring them back", Murray said.

"It's extremely concerning and I can only hope that the people's response to Trump's order will be sufficient to reverse it". In 2015, a third of American energy was produced with coal and a third was produced with natural gas.

The order rescinds the Clean Power Plan and lifts a moratorium on new coal leases on federal lands, which the Obama administration had enacted in January 2016.

"That would allow for our coal to burn in a more climate-change-friendly way not just in the USA but internationally as well", Knittel said.

"These executive actions are a welcome departure from the previous administration's strategy of making energy more expensive through costly, job-killing regulations that choked our economy", he said.

Earlier this month, not long after the plaintiffs' lawyers replaced President Obama with Trump in the suit, the administration filed a request for interlocutory appeal - a rare request since appeals are usually filed aftera trial judgment, not before.