The Walking Dead Review: "Something They Need"

The Walking Dead Review:

Eugene doesn't give her the weapon she hoped for, but instead a pill created to cause death.

Meanwhile, in Hilltop, even if I wasn't aware of what happens in the comic books regarding Maggie and Gregory, the show is working overtime forecasting that a stand-off between the two is imminent. The mission predicated on the ludicrous, quixotic belief that Sasha might be able to rush inside, alone, and shoot Negan before one of his followers took her down?

The Walking Dead Season 8 predictions are swirling ahead of the upcoming TWD finale. That's the inevitably fatal question, and one that boasts a few potential answers, based on what we know from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's Walking Dead comics. Has Eugene joined the Saviors for real, and sided with Negan? However, it's all but confirmed that Sasha will kick the bucket next week. Let's pause for a moment to remember why Alexandria doesn't have any guns of its own - because the Saviors rolled up and took them.

The Walking Dead - Who will die in the second half of season 7? Fortunately, he's a big wuss, a point driven home even more so after Maggie saves his life when a couple stray walkers amble out of the woods, which makes him hate her even more.

Once again, after watching an episode, I continue my pact of wanting Rosita to die. I really do not understand why they didn't just set things up the way the comic had it.

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I think that's fine, but I don't think Sasha got enough of a fair shake compared to Holly, a character who was around for a lot less time and got to do much cooler things before her death. David (Martinez) simply starts off threatening her, rips her shirt, and is only stopped when Negan shows up and puts David back in line by thrusting a Bowie knife through his neck. Either Sasha tries (and fails) another attack on Negan or winds up with some other inglorious death, and - if we're losing Sonequa Martin-Green to CBS regardless - the blaze of glory last week was much more fitting. At the beginning of the episode, a Savior named David came to visit and nearly immediately started threatening her, both verbally and physically/sexually. It could be Dwight, Jadis, Gregory, Eugene, or someone else. The episode begins with a voiceover of Tara telling Rick about the armory at the Oceanside colony and Rick telling Tara "You don't need to feel bad" if things go south, at which point you realize, "OMG, Rick's totally going to take their guns".

And that's why it's a little disappointing when Rick gives a quick speech that rallies the vast majority of Oceanside-particularly Cindy, Natania's daughter-to join them. Tara, still with Natania and Cyndie, assures them the explosions were outside the camp, and she hopes everyone is ok. This season's penultimate episode was a reminder just how unlikeable the allegedly upstanding Rick (Andrew Lincoln) can be even as Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) was confirmed to be in possession of a firm, if wonky, moral code.

Maggie is starting to take charge of Hilltop, and Gregory knows it. if she takes charge, there's no doubt the community is heading to war. Every single one of the vermin who follow him have been irredeemable (Dwight pending) due to their thug mentality or mindless killing.

What did you think of "Something They Need"? You can look at Negan's strict no-rape policy and say, "Well, at least he's not willing to tolerate that". It's hard to believe no one working on a "Walking Dead" property would be aware of a big moment from the comics. She has been revealed at not liking to negotiate with Rick, as well as having a pretty ferocious way of finding out whether to deal with people. But since we're not locked in the Sanctuary with a poison pill and therefore still have hope, we're choosing to remain optimistic that the writers won't let Negan's hypocrisy slide. If they are really affirmative, then it's still worth doing.