Indiana University names Dayton's Archie Miller as next head basketball coach

Indiana University names Dayton's Archie Miller as next head basketball coach

Overall, this might not have been the most glamorous pick from a fans perspective for Fred Glass, but he made the right one.

No matter. Miller wasn't here on Monday afternoon to crack jokes and flash light-up-the-arena smiles.

You do it with effort and discipline and attention to detail. And Miller, more bland than brash, managed to turn Dayton into a juggernaut with little drama or attention drawn to himself.

IN is hiring Dayton head coach Archie Miller.

"Cook Hall is fantastic", he said. "If we want them, we should have a great chance of getting them".

Miller not only left it all on the court these past six years, but he also has, during his tenure, established a program that is recognized as a respected, top-tiered program nationwide. The players were not made available to the media for interviews after the event, but Miller and Glass had plenty to say about their importance in the future of IU basketball.

"He's a Pittsburgh hard-nosed point guard". "His approach was you need to spend all that time on on the plays, you need to spend all that time on the players, and that was different. There's a sense of humor there".

"He was real, and he was succinct in his presentation, " Glass said. He's a down-to-earth person. Miller will inherit a program that has always shown the ability to recruit four and five star caliber players.

So I guess the only real question is whether or not McKinley Wright wants to reopen his recruitment process.

"That was critical", Glass said. "The president (IU president Michael McRobbie) talked to him on the phone, and I asked him what he thought, and he said 'My goodness, he's quite precise in his lexicon isn't he?' And I thought that was pretty perceptive because he is".

"I can not wait to connect with former players, current players, and future players and all of Hoosier Nation".

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However, the Bulldogs (35-1) smothered him and the junior was unable to get a final shot off. "We're all tough guys", Macura said. At times the Zags looked lost against a suffocating Mountaineers squad that thwarted any and all Bulldog fast break attempts.

Miller's hiring is no surprise, as he brings experience in the Midwest footprint, a strong pedigree and a low-key day-to-day temperament that marks a sharp contrast to the over-caffeinated Crean. Offensively, Miller's teams employ an attacking style that resulted in the Flyers averaging 75.9 points per game last season.

Archie will have his work cut out for him in IN, but he does as good a job as he did in Dayton, the Hoosiers will be back in the National Championship picture sooner rather than later. If you don't want this - all that goes along with it - don't come here, and it's the same with Indiana. You have to have versatility on defense.

As Sullivan states, "We will be sad to see him go". "It's not going to be very frantic, but it's a tough-minded approach on that end". Teams that consistently win are defense-first teams.

"My expectation is to win a national championship".

If you haven't noticed, championships are a constant theme.

Miller's been at Dayton since 2011, and he's had great success there. In fact, the track record of coaches in a post-Knight world says he will, not to mention that - outside of the very few elite collegiate coaches - most jobs are designed for the incoming coach to fail.

"I'm absolutely, 100 percent, not going to Indiana", Alford said Friday night, moments after the Bruins lost 86-75 to Kentucky in the Sweet 16.

According to The Vertical, citing multiple sources, Miller's deal is for seven years and will be in the neighborhood of $4 million annually.

"The Dayton athletic director said Dayton is one of 10 best compensated jobs in the country, regardless of conference", Glass said. This wasn't a financial windfall for Archie.

Even though the move was an obvious step forward in Millers career, change is always hard. Glass said he's fine with that.

"I think this is definitely a step in the right direction". "I'm the son of a coach, who sat around all day with a ball in his hands from 5 to 6 years old, the only the thing that was ever preached to me was that you have to out work everyone". But Archie's a smart coach, and it's hard to bet against him figuring it out.