The Throwback Moment in 'Beauty and the Beast' You Probably Missed

Despite how you may feel about Disney exploring the possibility of a spinoff or prequel, it's easy to see why they are doing so with statistics such as these.

After Disney stated in no uncertain terms that it would not allow the film to be censored for Malaysian audiences, the country's New Straits Times reported Tuesday that "Beauty and the Beast" will be released, uncut, on March 30. "Like numerous additions to this movie, I think it's a lovely, subtle moment that does its job and is left alone".

"Beauty and the Beast" sells its heartwarming romance tale through sheer compassion and straightforward storytelling. I was so wrong. LeFou's change in character does not have anything to do with his re-imagined sexuality, but considering how insignificant the line about his changed allegiance to Gaston is, it had more of an impact than any action related to his homosexuality. We finally get a good look as to why and how the Prince was turned into the beast, the people of court objects, and the significance of the rose.

None of this is necessarily bad, though both actors do feel somewhat miscast, but it does make the film's ostensible inclusiveness feel a bit strained. This film features all the classic songs you remember from the animated film, but it also features four new original songs.

The songs added into the movie are wonderfully and tastefully placed into the movie and don't disrupt the natural pace of the film. The action sequences are jumpy and a couple of times I found myself thinking "What just happened?" for a second before sense was restored. Watson immersed herself fully into this role like a well-fitted glove, but also managed to nail most of the singing parts, too (Hermione can sing, y'all).

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Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Plumette, and the other animated objects are, I keep repeating myself with this phrase, beautifully done. With cartoons, it's easy to get away with minimalism when it comes to personified household items.

The bad news is also that the 2017 version is solid, and therefore it will make a ridiculous amount of money and only further justify the oncoming tide of Disney live-action remakes. No, not because it bothered them - because their government could stop them from seeing the film! Unfortunately, Beast's character arc is nearly non-existent and Belle's growth occurs too late to really count. "In many ways, his is a charming tribute to the animated version of the character and would have been satisfactory as such". Cinderella was actually about Cinderella rather than a family of mice, and The Jungle Book, which is the best of the bunch, enriched the mythos of a familiar world by keeping some classic elements of the original, while still resolutely carving its own path. Nor does the prospect of marrying Gaston, her town's macho-jerk - well-played by Luke Evans - appeal.

Speaking of Gaston and his lackey, LeFou - they stole the movie. People love movies because of the experience, warts and all.

The characters the furniture portrayed truly made them seem lifelike, and created a richer cast of characters that created much needed personality in the film, since Belle's persona sometimes fell flat.