DHS Releases New Weekly ICE Declined Detainer Outcome Reports

DHS Releases New Weekly ICE Declined Detainer Outcome Reports

About two-thirds of the cases are from Travis County, Texas.

A "detainer" requests that a local law enforcement agency notify ICE as early as 48 hours before an illegal immigrant is released from criminal custody.The detainer also asks that local enforcement briefly maintain custody of the illegal immigrant to all DHS to assume custody for removal purposes.

The DHS report, entitled the "Declined Detainer Outcome Report" listed 206 cases of immigrants released from custody from January 28 to February 3 despite federal agents' requests, called "detainers", to keep them locked up so the federal government could take them into custody.

Donald Trump made cracking down on illegal immigration a cornerstone of his presidential campaign a year ago.

Sheriff Ty Trenary issued a strongly worded statement Tuesday saying that ICE's claim that failure to honor detainer requests undermines the agency's ability to protect public safety, "is simply untrue". The requests, often called "detainers", have taken on a greater role in the immigration debate under Trump, who strenuously opposes local policies that grant leniency to people in the country illegally.

The event was part of a "Day of Immigration Action" recognized in more than 60 cities throughout the country.

Lehigh County appears on a list of non-compliant jurisdictions as federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials prepare to identify so-called sanctuary cities and counties.

However, the January 25 executive order also gives the Secretary of Homeland Security the ability to designate, at his discretion, places as sanctuary jurisdictions.

ICE uses detainers to request local law enforcement detain illegal immigrants who have been convicted or even just charged with a crime.

"Every other police officer, every other sheriff ... before they do an arrest, they need to get a warrant signed by a judge", said Julie Gonzales with The Meyer Law Office.

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Abbott has withheld about $1.5 million state funds from Travis County because it is not fully cooperating with ICE.

Local leaders have felt out in the dark regarding this sanctuary city defunding policy. The governor also is pressing the Legislature for a "sanctuary cities" bill to financially punish law enforcement agencies that do not cooperate with federal immigration officials.

However, in the roundup of 51 people, which the American-Statesman called ICE "retribution" against Hernandez, ICE described 28 of the arrestees as "non-criminal", a percentage "significantly higher" than in other cities where ICE conducted similar raids, including Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

The ICE report highlights a variety of crimes that included everything from traffic violations and drunken driving to rape and homicide.

The Sheriff of Boulder County agrees.

Sampson said Montgomery County has not had an inmate in its jail with an immigration issue since late previous year.

Priddy said that Sheriff Hernandez believes people accused of a crime have a right to a trial and that victims have a right to see the people responsible "brought to justice".

"I find the report inflammatory because it shifts the burden that is the responsibility of ICE to the county sheriff or to a local law enforcement agency", he said. Travis County authorities freed 142 people who entered the United States illegally and were subject to deportation.

Wolgemuth explained that the almost 10-year-old policy was established to limit the county's liability when Lehigh County was sued after it mistakenly jailed an American citizen for three days on an ICE detainer in 2008.

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