Beauty and the Beast's monster BO opening hints a sequel is coming

I had to be there to do that and as I was saying before it's like you can't half-arse a project like this, you know, you're in or you're out.

Emma Watson might need to open up another vault at Gringotts because her bank account is getting some love after a big "Beauty and the Beast" payday. I mean, how can I not when it seemed like she was singing just for me with that lovely face of hers? My only doubt was the fear of watching Hermione Granger explore yet another castle, but thankfully that's not the case at all. The next day, we see Belle in a green dress where the Beast gives her the library.

Belle, a handsome and intelligent woman from a nearby village, unexpectedly falls in love with the Beast after being held captive in his enchanted castle. And she doesn't want to have anything to do with the arrogant, handsome Gaston (played wonderfully by Luke Evans). The one who steals the show is Josh Gad, as Gaston's goofy, but lovable sidekick LeFou. Do you agree or disagree with me? Just like in a traditional production as well, the cast did a lot of talking in the wings to get themselves excited for what was next. Have a great day at the movies and don't forget to save me some popcorn. Regardless of your age, this is an enjoyable movie that will make you think and feel like a kid again. Hopefully these prognosticators aren't counting too many chickens before they're hatched, or suddenly they'll see the opening as "disappointing" if it really does "only" make $120 million. The first time the director experienced Beauty and the Beast was well into adulthood.

The two films opening wide this weekend are likely to appeal to two very different audiences. I've never been a die-hard Disney follower (more a Pixar fan, myself), and so I didn't have the unbreakable connection to the original 1991 film that inspired this remake. And the swoops and dives of the camera are every bit as extravagant as the look of the film.

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As I briefly mentioned, Beast's conflicted motivations were handled really nicely with this remake.

Last year, Emma Watson revealed her frustrations with the alleged "gender wage" gap.

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