Trump puts brakes on vehicle emission targets

Trump puts brakes on vehicle emission targets

"This administration's blatant attempts to roll back fuel efficiency standards will not only make average Americans poorer by forcing them to spend more on gas but will also, like so many other moves by the President, worsen their health by exposing them to dirtier air".

Environmental groups predict Trump will weaken the standards, which now require the fleet of new cars and trucks to average 36 miles per gallon in real-world driving conditions by 2025, about 10 mpg (4.25 kpl) higher than the current standard.

The midterm review required the EPA to determine by April 1, 2018, whether the 2022-2025 standards established are appropriate. Last month was the hottest February on record globally, shattering the previous record by a long shot, according to analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

During a visit to MI earlier this week, U.S. President Donald Trump said his administration "will work tirelessly to eliminate the industry-killing regulations, to lower the job crushing taxes and to ensure a level playing field for all American companies and workers". The clash between California and the Trump administration could lead to one set of standards in California and at least a dozen other states and another standard in the rest of the country, increasing costs for vehicle makers and headaches for consumers.

Brown made it clear that California won't sit back and watch the standards be degraded from the sidelines. California's attorney general has asked the court to let the state defend the Obama regulations. That means California, and a dozen states that have the authority to follow Californias lead, could chart a separate course from the rest of the country. Governor Jerry Brown has made statements about keeping California's clean auto policy in effect no matter what President Trump decides to do.

Influential Manhattan prosecutor Preet Bharara and another 45 Obama -era USA attorneys are out of jobs after the Trump administration asked them to resign on Friday. It's also a reality that many consumers don't want highly fuel efficient, small, light passenger cars.

"California's pioneering efforts to reduce emissions from cars and trucks have become a national example, and have been supported by past Administrations both Republican and Democratic", said Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León. Redrafting both the fuel economy standards and Obama's Clean Power Plan would require a lengthy regulatory process of public hearings followed nearly certainly by legal challenges.

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The rules are already locked in for the model years 2017 through 2022; Trumps action reexamines the rules for 2022 through 2025. The industry balked at the decision, insisting it was rushed through to beat the change in administrations. Automakers say they did not get enough time to review the study.

Trump saluted Ford, General Motors, and Fiat-Chrysler for recent announcements of new jobs and expansions of US -based manufacturing. "That was the beauty of the process that President Obama established and the agreement that was reached". Joining Trump were GM CEO Mary Barra, Ford Motor Company CEO Mark Fields, and FiatChrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne.

"This is not the auto industry of the 1960s", he said.

Lawmakers, industry groups and environmentalists say the administration has signaled it plans to take this step.

"The current standards helped the auto companies move from bankruptcy to profitability, and there is no reason they can not be met", said Rhea Suh, president of the council. "If the issue is are they going to relax the standards, then we would vehemently oppose that". Obama's EPA had argued the costs to consumers were mitigated by gas savings and that the rules would decrease greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. A second phase, dictating standards through 2025, was put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency before Donald Trump took office.

"President Trump's decision today to weaken emission standards in cars is an unconscionable gift to polluters", wrote Brown. Trump has drawn comparisons between himself and Jackson, a fellow populist outsider.

The California Air Resources Board said in January that it did not consider the waiver to be in jeopardy, despite reports of the Trump administration wanting to revoke it. Snyder later said he wasn't offended and noted President Trump has "made that comment about quite a few people". "And we have just gotten started".