Iron Fist's Showrunner Didn't Hear About Its Controversy Until Casting Finished

Iron Fist's Showrunner Didn't Hear About Its Controversy Until Casting Finished

- joannawan (@joannawan1) March 17, 2017#IronFist proves that you should never listen what critics have to say. If your title is Iron Fist, the least we expect from you is some good, power-packed, well-choreographed action.

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Her hobbies include running a dojo in NY and casually getting taught about her own culture by the white guy. With them, it borders on unconscionable. A young Danny would have joined them, except he was saved by the residents of the mystical city of K'un-Lun, who train him in martial arts until he slays a dragon and plunges his hands into its heart, thereby earning the mantle and powers of the Iron Fist. "We need more stories like that and God bless Netflix and Marvel for making those characters and making that statement in the show".

Iron Fist Supposed To Be About? I instantly thought of the first few volumes of Marvel's "Immortal Iron Fist" comic books by writers Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker and artist David Aja.

We open with our hero, Danny Rand (Finn Jones, Game of Thrones), returning to New York City for the first time in fifteen years.

When he shows up at headquarters for Rand Enterprises, shoeless and bedraggled, looking more homeless than heroic, no one believes that he's really Danny Rand. Both of these quickly came out of the gate with an obvious style and mission that made them unique. After a failed sparring session with a practice dummy, she returns to the ring - and holds her own not just against one fighter, but two.

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Jones, so bratty and appealing in his brief stint on Game of Thrones, is stymied by his character's American accent. Davos just woke up one morning and Danny was gone.

When Danny returns to NY after years spent training with monks, disheveled and shoeless and claiming to be the heir to a vast fortune, nobody from his old life recognizes him, and he's dismissed repeatedly as insane. She has one particularly dope battle where she gets to let her rougher skills come to the surface, but without the proper storyline, she ends up becoming a sidekick with no forseeable motivation. It's ironic, given that numerous people watching the show - and especially those who are unhappy with Jones's casting - will also ask if he is really Danny. His frenemies, Meachum's son Ward (Tom Pelphrey) and daughter Joy (Jessica Stroup), don't make things easy for him. As is, she's a rudderless cipher, an amateurish approximation of a cool, icy businesswoman.

IGN said of the premise, "The plight of an heir reclaiming his fortune and empire may be high enough stakes in a soap or a stodgy British costume drama", but it doesn't fly in a superhero show. They're all plodding and empty, too little plot stretched out over too many episodes. "At the time, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage hadn't aired ... so I wasn't sure if a Marvel project was a good fit for me". For the moment, the 13 episodes (the first season) lead to the evolution of the fourth member of The Defenders, a series that is to be released after this one.

At Netflix's headquarters in Los Gatos, California, Karim Zreik, Marvel's senior vice president of original programming, insisted Jones was "the best actor to play Danny Rand".

Jones was also stoked to have Iron Fist's powerful women on his team, and is proud to be showing that to the world now that the show has premiered. But what kind of hellish Stockholm syndrome have we been battered into where that is a reasonable thing to say?