Week 8: Should Health Care Be A Right Or A Choice?

Week 8: Should Health Care Be A Right Or A Choice?

Most of the initial increase of 14 million uninsured, the CBO reported, would result from people choosing not to buy insurance if the Republican plan repealed, as proposed, current tax penalties for those without coverage. Numerous provisions of the Republican bill would not take effect until 2020.

The health care industry is anxious hospital systems and physicians will soon go back to the days where charity care was a massive burden on the system with little prospect of any cash coming into the coffers for poor and underserved clientele.

Health insurance premiums would leap substantially for many Californians, especially lower-income people living in high-cost cities, under the House Republican plan to replace Obamacare, according to an analysis released Tuesday.

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Republican leaders have pointed out that the budget office also estimated a $337 billion reduction in the federal deficit under the GOP proposal.

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Although the GOP plan allows people now enrolled in Medicaid to stay in the program, they would not be able to re-enroll.

Since January, Larsen has held Affordable Care Act "Town Talks" in six towns and cities across Northwest Washington - hearing from more than 800 constituents in Mountlake Terrace, Bellingham, Marysville, Anacortes, Langley and Sedro-Woolley. But individual states don't have the money to make up for the federal cuts to the program.

He is also concerned that the legislation being considered on Capitol Hill would get rid of the current mandate that most Americans have insurance while retaining protections for people with pre-existing illnesses. They see clearly that it would not truly repeal Obamacare but only modify it to make it more appealing to wealthier Americans and insurance companies.

If Republicans manage to get rid of the tax benefits on job-based coverage, costs will likely be passed on to consumers - in other words, if you get your insurance through your job, it will cost more.

Here's a campaign promise from Donald Trump: You will not lose health care coverage, and the coverage you have will be better than it is now. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) called the three-part replacement idea "mythical" and said it "just isn't going to happen".