The Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt is concerned about Morgan

The Walking Dead: Josh McDermitt is concerned about Morgan

This is when she collects her belongings and sets off to accomplish something.

Just like Jadis, Ezekiel is expected to join Rick and the Alexandrians very soon. Not wanting to get in between them, he even offered to go with her to Alexandria. But sacrificing Carol was definitely not the way. I mean, who wouldn't? Soaking it in. A fellow Kingdommer approaches him (standing a safe distance away out of fear of Shiva) and informs him that their crops are dying.

She also declines to show Benjamin how to kill walkers and survive outside the walls of the Kingdom. Because a blocked road is never good, the group moves in military formation to clear the area.

The group should have known something was about to go wrong when they discovered the grave that was marked with a sign saying, "Bury me here". He gave Richard a death that would both secure the rebellion in the Kingdom and using his exact words to also secure the Saviors' trust in the Kingdom once again. "I'm going to kill them". It's much bigger than anything they've seen so far.

The Saviors might be convinced the Kingdom wants peace, but by the end of the episode, Ezekiel is equally convinced that war is the only option. First, he told Daryl of his plan to lead the Saviors to Carol, which was quickly shot down by Daryl. He's been pretty much a solo warrior. Above all, he's one of the good guys and when the time comes there's no doubt he'll bring the fight to Negan. Benjamin then asks Carol to follow her around so he can learn how to murder zombies. And now, a month later, Benjamin has bitten the dust.

Morgan is torn up about this completely.

Duke, finally, seems to be putting the pieces together for title run
It shows up in great stability in times of taking punches, " Brey said. "Those minutes by Harry were huge", Jefferson said. We've got to score more than 77 to win (that game). "They were contested threes and there was just nothing we could do".

That in and of itself was almost enough to send Morgan into a downward spiral, but he then realized Richard had orchestrated the entire conflict by hiding the missing melon. We saw Richard root around this area earlier, with the shopping carts in plain view. Benjamin (and his brother Henry) becoming his students has filled somewhat the gap left by the death of his son Duane. And so is Ezekiel. But even though the character that was ready to die was among them, he didn't speak up at the time.

Morgan went straight to Richard, who was quick to point out that he volunteered himself for the kill. I kept waiting for something insane to happen right there, but Morgan kept a lid on it for the moment. But now that the conflict has come to a violent head, can the King continue his policy of non-involvement in Rick's coming war?

The Kingdom goes to make its regular drop-off tribute to the Saviors, which apparently consists of a dozen melons. Remember when Morgan up and decided he wasn't going to kill anymore, despite the fact that was in a living hellhole of a nightmare full of zombies and marauding bandits who would kill anyone without thinking about it? It took forever for Morgan, whose idea of a deadly weapon is a elongated stick, to finish off Ezekiel's most valued sidekick.

"You got what you wanted", he said of her life of solitude, "But was it what you wanted?" "As the stakes get higher and higher. things start to get more intense and heartbreaking, and yet everyone has to sort of band together and keep going", he went on to say.

Morgan has been this Zen-calm pacifist for so long now, it's easy to forget that he was once a kill-crazy lunatic, muttering to himself in a booby-trapped room and shooting at anyone who came near him. I know he wanted to get King Ezekiel on board in the fight against the Saviors.