Vanessa Grimaldi Goes Wedding Dress Shopping & Potentially Reveals 'The Bachelor' Ending

Vanessa Grimaldi Goes Wedding Dress Shopping & Potentially Reveals 'The Bachelor' Ending

Will he find it? It's entirely possible Rachel will finally realize Nick has nothing going for him, other than a turn on Dancing With the Stars and a lifelong love of scarves, which he was able to show off in Finland.

In the first hour, we continued where we left off last week: fantasy suites. Nick allowed that he impressed with Vanessa's fearlessness but expressed reservations about her traditional upbringing. Raven and Nick have spent the night together and they talked about how much they meant to each other and said that it meant a lot to them.

Rachel was up next.

The next day, Nick meets up with Rachel and the two go cross-country skiing. But keeping her vibe upbeat (possibly because as the new Bachelorette she has plenty of romantic possibilities ahead of her), she assured Nick that she wasn't "upset" about the sitch between them. Or so that's what she wants us to believe... She's most memorable from the bridal photo episode, in which her barely there Adam & Eve outfit made Corinne so jealous, the now-booted villain stripped off her top - and substituted Nick's hands during the shoot. Oh, no they're not, they're still talking about letting their guards down, and she's saying how he lets his guard down effortlessly, and he says how much he likes to know where he stands with women. Ever since the Hometown Dates, Vanessa's been more and more anxious about where he really stands. Vanessa, being Canadian, actually enjoyed it.

Nick's plan is for the couple to stay in the ice bath for 10 seconds... which lasts all of three seconds before he ditches Vanessa. By the time Vanessa gets to the sauna, she curls up in a ball and really doesn't even care if Nick's there.

I know what you all are wondering: Did Nick get the job done?

Taylor goes to take a seat and Corinne comes to join Chris on stage. And at a few points, the yelling got so bad that Chris Harrison had to whistle and shift to commercial break just to stop the ringing in everyone's ears. "I'm not choosing a man for America, I'm choosing a man for me".

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At the rose ceremony, Nick unceremoniously sends Rachel home.

Sitting down, Rachel tells Nick that she's scared, and guess what? This season has been a odd one, and there are sure to be some interesting stories during the two hour "Women Tell All" episode after the final half of the overnight dates is aired. "Their opinions are important to her", the insider shared.

Nick:'ll have to watch to find out! Long-gone Lacey threw in a dig about being friend zoned.

The Bachelor "Women Tell All" two- hour special episode airs tonight, Monday, March 6, 2017, at 8 PM ET on ABC. Rachel said it is an "honor". I was lucky to have had her in my life, and I wish her nothing but the best in the insane and exciting journey she's about to take. I don't ever not want to live in America.

How it came up: Taylor referenced that fateful conversation in Wisconsin where she introduced Corinne to the phrase "emotional intelligence". I love Canada. A lot of great things in Canada. He's not big on family traditions and once had a relationship fizzle in part because the woman's family was a little too "present". "The dolphin talked to Nick before me and I was pissed", she said of her mood on night one.

According to Gold Derby, Grimaldi has a slight edge over Gates going into the finale. The preview shows Vanessa with more serious questions and Raven with some adorable puppies.