Rick and Michonne have adventures on a pleasant Walking Dead

Rick and Michonne have adventures on a pleasant Walking Dead

Even in the apocalypse, it's important to take time for each other and keep the romance alive.

"Say Yes" picks up with the search for the guns needed to coax Jadis and the Scavengers into all-out war. Until they come across a school carnival where something very bad happened.

What if all the preparations they are taking don't measure up? But thanks to some fences, the reanimated corpses are still around and fully strapped. And yet the scenes between Rick and Michonne land so well that it's easy to overlook the fact that nearly nothing happens here. While Rosita is complaining about the lack of firearms, she asks Tara, "Do you know where we can find that many guns?" Michonne is forced to jump into the trunk after an army-walker's gun is caught on some pipes, causing him to fire wildly in their direction.

See scenes from next weeks episode below. Rick and Michonne split up. It's a attractive scene and offers an immediate respite from the exhaustion of last week's "Hostiles and Calamities".

The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman reportedly joked around with the possibility of Eugene's death while at the Emerald City Comic Con, saying that the show was going to kill off Eugene later this season, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Michonne screams and runs over, hearing desperate gunshots as the walkers close in and feast on Rick. This is why she head out for the Hilltop with one of Rick's new rifles to enlist Sasha as her partner on this "one way ticket" mission. Eight? "You can handle eight..." was Rick's response to her objection.

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What exactly this sanctuary is is unclear, though one might imagine it's something like The School for Gifted Youngsters 2.0. The " Logan " star is at ease with being "true and open" and "not just showing his best side" as an actor.

But I digress. Part of the ferris wheel breaks and Rick falls into the horde of walkers. By the time Michonne arrived to help him it appeared that he was eaten by walkers, which was quite upsetting for Michonne. Read if you want to know more. The duo massacre the rest of the walkers and collect their guns, 68 in all.

Michonne (and maybe just a few viewers) are convinced that Rick is a goner, until he pops up and throws Michonne her dropped sword. Stumbling upon an entire regiment worth of guns may have been a little too convenient to believe, but Jadis' lofty demands are an effective way of slowing things down without the oft-frustrating stalls that plague the series. Tara grapples with this moral dilemma by talking about it out loud while babysitting Judith, as one does. Rosita is ready to unleash some serious anger at Tara. This is clearly the universe telling them that they need to take some time out for a date night. Below you can find the broadcast information for "Say Yes" and live streaming options to watch on your iPhone, PS4 or on Amazon in case you can't get in front of the TV at the time it airs. Even though we do not know much about her, Rosita continues to unveil. "I'm utterly, completely, stone-cold Negan". There's just no getting around her toughness. So why come combatively at Gabriel and say he was wrong?

It's not flawless though: the fake out of Rick's death was manufactured to say the least and the Rosita stuff is a re-tread of Sasha's entire post-Bob plot. Surely, this won't end well. Putting them together gave Michonne, one of the longest running characters on the series (and one of the best) something to do; and it made a lot more sense than just trying to pair Rick off with some random new character.

On the upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 7, "Bury Me Here", it has been reported that the intense fight between Rick and the Saviors will be starting. It's about the characters we love the most, kicking Walkers' teeth in.

And we had the deepening romance of Rick and Michonne, which allowed for some very emotional moments, including a scene where Michonne echoed the first half of my favorite exchange of dialogue in THE CONJURING: "I can't lose you". Rick and, uhhh, what's her name.