US Attorney General Recuses Self From Trump Campaign Probes

Since his arrival in the United States, it hasn't been unusual for Kislyak to host large dinners - or attend them - to make new contacts and push the Russian agenda. Lying about it under sworn testimony?

The job of overseeing the investigation and making the hard calls associated with it, such as whom to subpoena and whether or not any charges should ultimately be brought will fall to the deputy attorney general, who works for.Jeff Sessions. John McCain, have called for an aggressive investigation of Russian interference in the election, most are minimizing it. Al Franken, D-Minn., what he would do as attorney general about claims that "anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign" was in contact with the Russian government a year ago. Russian oligarchs may have saved Trump from personal bankruptcy, and one reportedly traveled to a number of Trump's campaign stops, perhaps acting as a go-between with the Kremlin.

Blunt sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which already is conducting an investigation. The uproar comes mostly from Democrats concerned about one fact: Sessions swore to tell the truth. "It would have been very normal for Sessions, as a senator, to have talked to the Russian ambassador without discussing the election".

They also called for an independent prosecutor to investigate contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow that United States intelligence says interfered in the election to hurt Mr Trump's Democratic rival, Ms Hillary Clinton.

The justice department confirmed that he twice spoke to Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador.

Sessions replied: "I'm not aware of any of those activities".

Former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon noted that allegations about Trump's imaginary ties with Russian Federation have grown unprecedented, but in fact they are "absurd and resemble a McCarthyite witch hunt".

Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader said, "The recusal is an admission that something was wrong".

The Justice Department said there was nothing improper about the meetings. Trump took to the platform Friday to post a picture of Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal told MSNBC Thursday.

Contrary to what he told Congress at his confirmation hearing, Atty. Gen.

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Quite simply, he should step down as attorney general.

Commentary: When the Federal Bureau of Investigation confronts the White HouseCommentary: Is Beijing outflanking the United States in the South China Sea? "That disturbs me", Ross said. He goes on to say that, "if Trump is weak, he will give him up, but if he's a fighter he must sink his teeth in and not let go, otherwise they will continue to look for links to Russian Federation and try to paint the new administration as a team of cheats".

"I personally have been working in the United Sates so long that I know nearly everybody". Flynn had lied to Vice President Mike Pence about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Despite the furor, there doesn't appear to be much hand-wringing over whether Sessions is actually likely to being impeached under Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution. Certainly he's not the first member of Trump's Cabinet who has been caught lying to Congress. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, HHS Secretary Tom Price, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also misled Congress.

In a series of four tweets Thursday, the president defended Sessions.

Lavrov said the whole situation resembled the days of McCarthyism. As a senator, Sessions voted for conviction on a count of perjury and a count of obstruction.

This week's controversy has undoubtedly damaged Sessions - his defence that he believed he had answered a question by Democratic senator Al Franken about his contacts with Russian Federation honestly did not quell demands by Democrats for his resignation - but the real significance is that the affair has renewed focus on Mr Trump's ties with Russian Federation. At least six other Republicans broke ranks, calling for more information or saying Sessions should recuse himself from the probe.

There was good reason for Republicans to join the pile-on, Manley said.

"He said something about inviting me to have lunch", he said. In 1954 Taylor's Bakery baked and decorated a cake for the president's 64th birthday at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Indiana. "Oh my God!" she said in a tense exchange with a CNN reporter. We can't see yet what's at the center of the Trump/Russia black hole.