Nintendo Switch cartridges apparently taste REALLY gross

Nintendo Switch cartridges apparently taste REALLY gross

The Switch has 32GB of internal storage, an embarrassingly small number compared to the 500GB standard on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (with each of these systems now offering 1TB+ variants).

Nintendo Friend Codes have been the butt of many jokes, and for good reason.

Cartridges for the Nintendo Switch console taste foul because of a "bittering agent" meant to prevent them from being accidentally swallowed.

". The idea was that instead of adding friends through an online service, each physical game device would generate a unique alphanumeric code". Since the days of the Wii, Nintendo has substituted friend codes for more robust account systems, requiring players to enter a twelve-character code in order to add a friend to their friends list. I'm excited about the future.

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Hey, that stinks. I want this to stop. "Let me just go get it". The 12-digit number can be used to add friends, with the ability to share screenshots from the console on social media making the process of getting your credentials out there much easier.

Although unconfirmed, it's possible that this was a deliberate decision by Nintendo. Also, we were hoping to see a mention of the "safety feature" that Switch game cartridges taste bad so kids won't eat them, but the video doesn't cover that topic.

Nintendo is also planning to have its own eShop which is also a great news to all users. And at launch, you'll be able to add friends if they're on the same local network that you are or if you've played with them recently.

Ahead of its launch tomorrow, March 3, the Nintendo Switch's day-one update has gone live, but we don't yet know whether or not it's resolved Joy-Con syncing issues.