Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Gets Cover Spread and Throwback Photo

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Gets Cover Spread and Throwback Photo

The actor has been playing Wolverine for sixteen years now.

According to the latest report from Slash film, both Stan Lee and Deadpool will be featured in a pre-movie scene while sitting in a theater themselves.

Hugh also confirmed that Logan is his ninth and final run as Wolverine.

The "Logan" star is at ease with being "true and open" and "not just showing his best side" as an actor.

Jackman himself has played courageously in his life and has battled cancer.

HollywoodLifers, did you see Logan? Looking for ideas, Marvel? But like him, she was " created", perfected in the laboratory, which, as was the case for Wolverine, induced heavy suffering, suffering that led her to be violent and brutal.

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Laura has been trying to get Logan to take her to a place called "Eden" in North Dakota. The ending leaves us in suspense over the future of the mutants, and whether he would be back again. What exactly this sanctuary is is unclear, though one might imagine it's something like The School for Gifted Youngsters 2.0.

Ok, hear me out on this one. Going off Frank's comments, Mangold and his creative team came fairly close to carving out a role for Sabretooth but, much like the director's approach to other X-Men characters, ultimately made a decision to leave any cameo from Schreiber on the cutting room floor. As a young girl, Laura would be a ideal secret superhero.

In the poll, 71% told Fandango that more superhero movies should be rated R, while 86% are interested in seeing a more violent, adult X-Men movie this weekend. Saving the world has its high points, but all of it comes with a cost.

Unfortunately, people did not get a chance to see how talented of a singer Jackman is. But what if they weren't? If so, what did you think?

"It's emotional but also weirdly peaceful, does that make sense?" I'm getting chills just thinking about it. Transigen creates Laura using Logan's DNA, which is why her powers are so remarkably similar to his. Prepare to be surprised, it's like no other X-Men film you've ever seen. Things change, however, with the arrival of a new young mutant. Transigen is probably still operating, and the soft drinks that prevent the mutant gene from being passed down are definitely still being sold. Having Professor X there with them would be a bonus. Would you like X-23 to become the new Wolverine? "I take inspiration from that because I respect and love the fans knowing that I would not be sitting here if it weren't for Wolverine".