Andi Dorfman Returns & Nick Reveals His Final 3

Andi Dorfman Returns & Nick Reveals His Final 3

Fans are done asking, "Who returns on The Bachelor next week?" We also said a bittersweet goodbye to Corinne, and watched Nick lurked around the snowy hills of Finland like a sad yeti. Rumor has it that this episode will be taken up mostly by Nick Viall's conversation with Bachelorette ex Andi Dorfman before moving to Finland for his fantasy suite dates with his three remaining contestants.

Spoiler alert! "Bachlorette" Rachel Lindsay reveals how her relationship ended with "The Bachelor" Nick Vaill.

At the outdoor rose ceremony (filmed in NY in late fall), Raven, Corinne, Rachel and Vanessa shiver in evening gowns and coats and Nick gave roses to Raven, Rachel and Vanessa.

Damn you, The Bachelor. We saw Raven's VERY interesting date, and we'll hear more about that next week, followed by Rachel and Vanessa's dates. Raven tells Nick that she came into the Bachelor process as a skeptic. Raven and Nick are having such a frank talk about their sexual histories (Raven's been with one guy and one guy only) it's honestly.inspiring?

Before revealing her bedroom secret, Raven wanted to get something else out of the way.

She also didn't quit the show, as she told Ellen DeGeneres in a recent interview that Nick "let me go" but it's "his loss". This instance of restraint gave viewers the sense that Viall has learned a thing or two from his many seasons of the "Bachelor" franchise. Nick pours two glasses of whiskey and wonders aloud, "What the fuck is she doing here now?" The legitimate only way I can see her not winning this season is because Chris Harrison knows that her and Chad could be better than Rob and Chyna. Instead, she apologizes if she did anything to upset Nick, which quite frankly, UPSETS ME.

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Alright, let's get to the final four to three, shall we? First up: Raven. Nick and Raven had an awesome time in her hometown of Hoxie, Arkansas, and now they traveled all the way to Finland to get it on (alright, to be a bit romantic and go on a date, too). Despite talking about interracial marriage and the awkwardness that ensued, Rachel showed Nick how fantastic her family truly is. Dorfman asked Viall if he regretted calling her out for "making love" with him on live television (which he did during her After the Final Rose).

On "The Tonight Show", official Bachelor Nation residents Elijah Wood, 36, and Jimmy Fallon, 42, interrupted each other repeatedly in their desire to get their points across.

As Nick walks Corinne out, she doesn't ask about her $3,000. It's time for someone to support her!

Corinne didn't even wait to be alone with Nick after the elimination and immediately burst into tears in front of everyone. Well, she had a good run folks! Who would win between the three girls? Then, Raven and Nick ("Rick") equitably divide their potential future domestic duties: He will cook, she will do the laundry. Her mom's house was the life of the party, with her family hosting a classic Italian meal, while her father's house was quieter, since it was just him and his new wife. After a helicopter, they went to a local pub and played darts, where Raven called him "Nicholas". Could this be true? Well, Andi finally got that satisfaction after she surprised Nick at his hotel room to catch up with him ahead of the rose ceremony.

Oh, you poor girl!

Soon after Nick and Andi said their final goodbyes again, it was time for the much-anticipated Rose Ceremony. None other than Nick's old love interest, Andi! It's a little odd that he was balling his eyes out when he sent home girls weeks ago, but was laughing and cracking jokes when he sent home Corinne Olympios. The Bachelor airs its next episode on Monday, Feb. 27 at 8 P.M. on ABC. It's down to the wire now, so make sure to tune in!