A new twist on Eugene's old persona reappears in 'The Walking Dead'

A new twist on Eugene's old persona reappears in 'The Walking Dead'

I let Daryl go because he reminded you of who you used to be and I wanted to let you forget.

That's the official synopsis of the eleventh episode of The Walking Dead's seventh season, which at first glance sounds pretty intriguing.

What did you think of "Hostiles and Calamities"? The new fan theory that's gaining steam is that Negan knows about Harlan Carson, knows he's a doctor as well, and will lead a raid against the Hilltop community to capture and imprison Harlan as his new doctor. I personally thought that this episode worked. As I have made it quite clear in my previous posts, any time with Negan is a good time, and I love the way that The Walking Dead has made the world, in Jesus' words, "a whole lot bigger", giving us different locations, each with their own characteristics and culture.

Eugene is a coward, plain and simple. He's amusing and lightens the tension like nearly none of the other characters do in the huge ensemble and that's an important function in a show like this.

But viewers also haven't forgotten that it was just a season ago that Eugene bit Dwight's man region in order to escape. It looks like Eugene is once again tapping into that survival instinct in service to Negan. There was an episode in which he proved that he was as fearless as everyone else by saving Tara, and he bit Dwight's dick (which Dwight seems to have forgotten about; he forgets things dontcha know). To his surprise however, Negan's intentions are to schmooze him as much as possible - providing him with fancy living quarters, video games and even Easy Street primed for endless stereo rotation.

Eugene tells the Saviors he's a doctor. Eugene, sensing his own precarious situation, falls in line quickly by playing up his worth to Negan. However, he's brought into the same room that Daryl was shown. One way or another, this is going to be a huge moment for Eugene - and one that could and likely will redefine the character for the rest of the series.

In the end, Negan went to visit Eugene.

Earlier, a glimpse was given into the mysterious new group Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and company met at the climax of midseason premiere 'Rock in the Road.' While there are stories brewing in that direction we also see characters like Dwight and Eugene in the limelight.

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A new twist on Eugene's old persona reappears in 'The Walking Dead'

Eugene's true acid test, however, comes when he befriends Negan's wives. Meanwhile, Sherry has disappeared following Dwight's escape and Negan tasks Dwight with finding her. That would also mean Dwight lied to Negan's face, making him a goner too. Sherry says in her letter that she doesn't know if Dwight would drag her back to Negan, run away with her, or kill her.

Dwight finds a note in his room that says "Go Now."

As suggested by various "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 11 spoilers, this episode will transition the action to the Sanctuary which is populated by The Saviours.

You know, it's really unfortunate that Mad Max: Fury Road was never made in the universe of The Walking Dead.

The focus this week is Eugene (Josh McDermitt), a character whose utter uselessness was only recently ended by the revelation that he's able to make bullets - which he does.

If you'd prefer to turn to The Walking Dead comics for answers, then just know that the story plays out a little differently than the direction it appears to be going in. Would you prefer the bat?

The funniest moment in "Hostiles and Calamities" is Eugene taking that stuffed sloth he's calling a "gremblygunk".

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