LG G6 Announced with 5.7-Inch Full Vision Display, Android 7.1 Nougat

LG has adopted a rounded square design for its icons to be more streamlined to the design. DesignAnother year, another change in concepts for LG.

What immediately jumps out to me is the processor. Even though Qualcomm already announced the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC which will be first seen with the Galaxy S8 launching next month, LG still opted for the Snapdragon 821 SoC instead of delaying the launch. Interestingly, the G6 is the first non-Google phone to come preinstalled with the search engine giant's Google Assistant.

The LG G6 will be available this year with a United Kingdom release date and pricing to be confirmed.

Stay tuned for my full review of the LG G6 in the very near future.

He further said that LG "by addressing duelling consumer demands for larger screens but yet more pocketable device, LG took on the challenge of re-imagining what a modern smartphone should look like and function ergonomically". Google Assistant is a bit more powerful than Apple's popular Siri since it is capable of syncing with smart-home devices such as lights and thermostats. This year, LG's G5 reverts back to the usual smartphone form, dropping the modular design for the firm's latest LG G6. It also comes with an expanded 100-degree field of view with its 5MP front camera, which means users can take selfies or wefies without the need for a selfie stick. You can use memory up to 2TB when it becomes available, but it's nice to have the option of extra capacity for those who don't want to mindlessly save everything in a cloud. The LG G6 follows the company's "Less Artificial, More Intelligence" theme. There is a copper heat pipe at the center of the phone to dissipate heat along with air gaps between components resulting in better thermals. What is different about the G6's display is the unconventional display ratio. It also runs a newer LG UI (user interface), especially created to take advantage of the new 18:9 aspect ratio of the display. The minimal bezels around the display make it easier to hold, especially when you're holding the phone with one hand. The team ran a series of nail penetration tests to not only test battery protection but the device's survivability. The Dolby Vision support on LG G6, together with the 18:9 aspect ratio compliment the 5.7 inch FullVision display and deliver immersive media and entertainment experience. Also it supports HDR 10. And the dimensions are curious: it has an 18:9 aspect ratio (2880 x 1440), which means it's a little taller than your usual 16:9 widescreen display.

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On the design front, the G6 is made of aluminum and glass and comes in black, platinum and white colors.

Although LG informed us that the device we received for hands-on is not final, we took some photos with the standard and wide lens for curiosity's sake. In perhaps a nod to the Note 7 fiasco, LG is also talking up new heat dissipation technology that should keep temperatures down and batteries in one piece.

In a first for LG, at least outside of the Japanese market, the G6 is dust-proof and waterproof to IP68 specifications. It can be be immersed in up to 1.5 meters of water for as long as 30 minutes. The upshot is you can continue to watch a video in one window, while still replying to an email in the other.

The G6 will be getting wireless functionality here in the States - functionality it will apparently be lacking in the rest of the world. Throw in that quad DAC, and you've got a premium Android phone that could be one of the best choices in 2017.