BlackBerry KeyOne - Complete Features and Specifications

Apart from the keyboard, it also has the latest version of Android, and like every Blackberry phone, it has dedicated productivity and security features. In typical BlackBerry style it has a physical keyboard, though this one is touch-sensitive, meaning you can swipe between letters.

Battery: The device comes with a 3,505 mAh battery, now the largest one for a device with its screen size.

This is going to be the last smartphone designed by BlackBerry, as in September the company had announced its decision to end smartphone design and production, and instead license the brand to its partner TCL. As BlackBerry focuses more on its major profit centers - namely software and services - it's nice to know that the current licensor to the BlackBerry name hasn't forgotten its roots, and can produce a device that makes us drool. In case you're wondering, the smartphone will be sold unlocked for $549, being compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and even Verizon's LTE network.

Firstly, TCL has followed the current trend and embedded a fingerprint sensor in the spacebar (or the interval key) of the KEYone.

BlackBerry has launched a new smartphone at Mobile World Congress. Since the entry of Android into the BB smartphones, displays have not got responsive to touch (though this isn't introduced only after usage of Android in Blackberry phones) and thus, the Blackberry KEYone has a 4.5-inch touchscreen display with the 1620 x 1080 pixels resolution and the 3:2 aspect ratio.

Moving on to the camera, its rear-shooter is a 12MP Sony IMX378, which supports 4K video at 30FPS, and has an f/2.0 lens.

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Starting with the design, BlackBerry went with a pretty minimal but cluttery look, if you will, as the combination of sensors and the physical keyboard make the front look busy while the rear looks like your typical BB-branded handset. At launch, the device will ship Android 7.1 Nougat on-board.

Customizable QWERTY keyboard: The idea behind the phone seems to be retaining BlackBerry's old school charm from back in the day - the KEYone comes with a full QWERTY keyboard accompanying its 4.5-inch display. By taking advantage of Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 technology, you will also be able to get up to 50% of power back after charging it for just 36 minutes.

One of the major highlights of the new Blackberry KEYone is that the phone comes with the same camera setup that has been used in Google Pixel phones.

The keyboard works well: Really, it's the first thing that you need to get right to really call a BlackBerry a Blackberry. The USB Type-C and speakers are located on the bottom, with the headphone jack on the top (Blackberry made a decision to keep this feature, while other manufacturers are debating removing it completely).

BlackBerry KEYone's specs were previously revealed on the official product page a few hours ago, which the company quickly took down. The charging port is a USB C type port. That phone is now the BlackBerry KeyOne, a mid-range QWERTY-bar phone.