What Others Say: Mr. President, Putin is no friend

What Others Say: Mr. President, Putin is no friend

"Russia must earn sanctions relief through clear and definitive actions such as ceasing their occupation of Crimea, their aggression in Ukraine, and their malevolent activities directed at our government and our nation's election system", said Dent, who serves as Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies. In a rambling press conference Thursday and his blizzard of tweets, Trump has dismissed inquiries into his campaign's contacts with Russian Federation and denounced leakers as "low-life and "un-American".

Though it's illegal for private citizens to conduct US diplomacy, Spicer finally admitted Tuesday that Flynn did, indeed, discuss Obama-imposed sanctions against Russian Federation with Kislyak, despite Flynn's previous denials.

Trump's praise for Putin and his campaign promises to improve USA ties with Russian Federation have raised expectations of a thaw between the two countries.

On Feb. 16, Trump denied reports that his presidential campaign had contacts with Russian officials throughout 2016.

Oliver had one way he'd attempt to reach Trump about the dangers of trying to get too close to Putin: "Shitty techno music". The US president responded: "There are a lot of killers".

"However, Russia and the USA have not yet discussed this matter in detail", the Russian presidential aide reiterated.

A Washington Post piece added, "That movement is likely attributable to Trump's praise for Putin on the campaign trail...."

Several of Trump’s top economic advisers attended the event including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross
What Others Say: Mr. President, Putin is no friend

While Putin prepares to meet with Trump, Moscow is watching Washington closely as USA lawmakers push for further investigations into Trump's ties to Russian Federation. Flynn finally shared his version with the conservative Daily Caller, the day he was sacked.

Additionally, the ties of the Kremlin and the White House have also refused to go away.

The Trump administration was then hit by Michael Flynn's resignation.

Trump actually got Oliver to do something we haven't seen him do in a long time: speak about the positive things the USA has going on for it. (His praise became so effusive that a fringe nationalist group even staged a protest accusing Mr Kiselev of "Trumpomania".) In January, Mr Trump was mentioned more often in the Russian press than Vladimir Putin himself.

Trump's relationship with Putin and his attitudes toward Russian Federation have raised enormous attention in Washington and around the world.

"It's about relationship building - they want to get to know the people who are possibly going to be in important jobs", said former State Department official Derek Chollet, who had helped former President Barack Obama's transition into the White House in 2008.

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