United States dollars community reacts to secretary of education nomination

United States dollars community reacts to secretary of education nomination

Politico corroborated the story and separate sources revealed that DeVos' approach varied from taking a more measured approach and allowing a public comment period on Trump's proposal to opposing his actions all together.

DeVos's only qualification for this office is her family's huge donations to the GOP and to the Trump campaign in 2016. The study from RAND Corporation and New York University found that OH students with low test scores who enroll in online-only schools tend to fall even further behind.

When Senator Maggie Hassan D-NH asked, "So were you unaware what I just asked you about the IDEA, that it was a federal law?" Proficiency tests are tests that measure the results of the students in comparison to other students' results, while growth tests measure the progress the students make in comparison to their own previous results. Sanders as to whether she thought she would have been nominated without her family's contribution, said. Vice President Mike Pence, serving in his role as Senate president, cast the final vote in favor of DeVos' confirmation.

This rich tradition of serving all students by creating an inclusive and diverse student population is exactly what we need to be sharing with Secretary DeVos.

Ladd also said on top of the previously mentioned issues, is the issue of public tax dollars being used to fund religion-based parochial schools.

Kids under IDEA cost a lot to educate, and many of them are not going to be attractive to the kind of charters and private schools that DeVos will seek to promote as DOE Secretary. Just as with traditional school programs, we must sift through the best practices in order to improve all education.

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Reaction to DeVos' confirmation is mixed. It does not! It was merely a political appointment.

"We're looking for growth in students more than anything else", he said. "Our education system has stagnated because there is not enough choice and not enough accountability", Greg Butcher, president of UT College Republicans, said.

"Credit where credit is due: Though we don't know her reasoning, DeVos deserves praise for fighting Sessions' outright hostility toward trans people", wrote Slate's Mark Joseph Stern. As a public figure, DeVos might have influence on Congress and local educational leaders. How does this qualify her to run the agency that controls the public schools of this country? My youngest attended a high-school program in the public school system that she applied for, and it centered on math, information technology and science. And in her first big policy move, she did.

"She's the head of public schools now and she doesn't believe in public schools". After Tennessee legislators introduced a school voucher bill, the Tennessee Education Association found in a poll that 59.5 percent of teachers oppose school vouchers and 29 percent approved. The debate over which one is better is among the hottest education topics of the past three years and led to the replacement of the No Child Left Behind Act with the Every Student Succeeds Act in 2015.

Twelve years of education are mandatory because they introduce you to your interests and guide you to decide what you will pursue in your future. "If the guidance is withdrawn, principals will continue their efforts to support transgender and all other students in the face of new opposition and, sadly, with the knowledge that their president might not share their concern for the needs of each student", Bob Farrace, the organization's director of public affairs, said in a statement.