Pre-order: AMD new Ryzen chips with Core i7 beating performance

Pre-order: AMD new Ryzen chips with Core i7 beating performance

AMD will be releasing a host of new CPUs ranging from quad-core versions with four threads up to octa-core versions with 16 threads.

AMD has finally given a befitting response to its arch rival Intel with the launch of its first three Ryzen processors based on the company's Zen chip architecture.

As it stands, the 1800X is positioned against the Intel Core i7 6900K, the 1700X against the 6800K and the 1700 against the Intel i7 7700K.

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X: It is the highest performing Ryzen chip and has a 3.6GHz base clock.

With a Cinebench R15 nT score of 1,537 points it competes with the Core i7-6900K and Intel's lower-end processors. Topping the range, the Ryzen 7 1800X has a TDP of 95 Watts and runs at a frequency of 3.6GHz with the ability to boost to 4GHz. More notably for many buyers, the 1700 will retail at $329, offering a 3.0GHz base clock and 3.7GHz turbo.

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Officially launching on March 2, Ryzen 7 processors are available for pre-order starting today. AMD has announced a new series of processor called Ryzen, which has been designed and created from the scratch to help the company take back, or at least fight for, the top position in the high-end consumer processor market. Ryzen is a new architecture, completely unrelated to AMD's previous Bulldozer / Piledriver / Steamroller / Excavator product lines.

AMD Ryzen 7 pricing revealed. If the test doesn't scale well with CPU cores, Intel would have a distinct clockspeed advantage, but then AMD wouldn't be using this benchmark if that were the case. We don't know what the Ryzen chips stated TDP is, although it's rumoured to be 95W. That doesn't mean they won't sell out, though - and if they do sell out, you can bet retailers will start to increase prices of the chips they do have.

We expected AMD Ryzen to come out past year but because of the decrease in demand in the PC market and other factors, AMD chose to delay the launch.

The R7 1700 is an 8-core processor which has 16 threads. Su showed the details of the tests during the show, which you can see below.

All three AMD Ryzen 7 processors are available for pre-order worldwide. General availability will begin on or around March 2nd. AMD rehired Jim Keller to work alongside long-term AMD architect Mike Clark and produce a team with several goals in mind: high-performance x86, simultaneous multithreading, and a product to be relevant in the computing, PC, server and mobile space again.