Recapping The Bachelor, Episode 8: Hometown Heroes

But the person who has been hogging all the limelight these past few weeks is Corinne Olympios, the contestant dubbed as the villain of Season 21. How can you tell? Vanessa's father (who Nick met separately, as her parents are divorced) was all sorts of terrifying and intimidating - he was basically the final boss at the end of the video game. But before he can get the Brooklyn-based rose ceremony on the road, he'll have to deal with ex-girlfriend Andi Dorfman first.

Last night on The Bachelor Season 21, Nick hit up all their hometowns, as he went to Hoxie, Arkansas, Dallas, Miami and Montreal.

Nick will see Raven in Hoxie, Ark.

After church, Rachel takes Nick home to meet her family. A second ATV materializes out of nowhere so that Nick and "fun, sexy, smart" Raven can race each other through a soggy field. One must wonder if the caliber of men will be different since Rachel is successful on her own and way too good for the show while many former bachelorettes were aspiring actresses and models. Nick tells us that he has "explosive chemistry" with Rachel, and he's excited to build their relationship. He said he hoped going to church would be something he and Rachel could do together, not that expressing faith is important to him. Inevitably, this led to them discussing the topic of interracial dating, which Rachel has brought up in the past. "I can't help but notice that you are a white", Alex said somewhat funnily, somewhat awkwardly, to Nick. Instead, Nick focused his energy on meeting the families of the final four cast members. Bachelor spoilers say that Vanessa will be anxious about Nick being overwhelmed by her big Italian family. After a shopping rundown, Corinne buys Nick an outfit worth $3,000, which is enough to buy all of us cheap bottles of wine.

Wow, look at these grill marks that Vanessa's dad left on Nick. Rachel introduces Nick to her mother Cathy, her sisters, and her brother-in-law. Just kidding! The prankster policeman is none other than Raven's brother. The officer pretends to not notice the camera crew and tries to freak Nick out as if he was trespassing on private property. Here, Racquel bluntly warned him that he is not allowed to "hurt" her "daughter - i.e. Corrine".

Not making them feel comforted at all, Vanessa's dad asked him to compare his feelings for Vanessa to his other women. They're all officially going on hometown dates! It took some convincing before Vanessa's dad finally gave Nick his blessing to propose, should things get to that point. She takes him to meet her students, a class of special-needs adults.

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"Everyone in my family is so relaxed", Corinne shares. Within minutes it became clear that Vanessa was loved by those she teaches and they seemed to take a liking to Nick as well.

What happened: Uncomfortable family chats on beds, "I love you" regrets and awkward requests for fathers' blessings: it must be hometowns week on "The Bachelor".

Rachel and Nick started their date off with Rachel telling him that they were "going to do something you've never done before", which meant taking Nick to her very large black church in order to show him her "version of Dallas". Have they seriously not figured out how this show works by now? I'm very happy for you, Mr. Gates, even though it's none of my business. And Rachel, Raven, and Vanessa will go on to the Fantasy Suite Dates on The Bachelor. The suspense was super high and in walked Andi at Nick's hotel.

According to Reality Steve, a trusted source for all things "The Bachelor", Nick will start the episode by making a hard decision. She told them both, 'boy, bye'.

Though she is the first black Bachelorette, Lindsay is not the first minority because Juan Pablo Galavis was the first Latino Bachelor in 2013, but that season was kind of a disaster.

However, in typical Bachelor style, we were left with a "To Be Continued..." screen just as Nick is seen realizing that it is Andi knocking on his door.