After FAKE terror attack, Trump stays stuck on Sweden

After FAKE terror attack, Trump stays stuck on Sweden

Just a few days after President Trump's remarks on Saturday about what he said happened "last night in Sweden", unrest erupted in a Stockholm suburb, home to a large immigrant population. His original statement left many people scratching their heads because, nothing major happened in Sweden the night before.

The president was seemingly referring to a Tucker Carlson interview with Ami Horowitz, a filmmaker who has blamed refugees for a purported crime wave in Sweden and alleged that authorities are trying to cover up the incidents.

An official Twitter handle of Sweden, now being run by a user named Max, took it on himself to slam Trump.

Seth Meyers dedicated his "Closer look" segment to mocking Trump's made-up Sweden terror attack as well. "Questions abound." Meanwhile, the Swedish government moved quickly to get out the word - especially to the new administration - that things are under control.

The clarifications were made after the Swedish Embassy in Washington contacted the State Department last Sunday to ask what Trump was talking about in his speech. Watch below as Colbert calls Trump a bite-sized dictator, a.k.a.

In fact, Colbert noted, the crime rate in Sweden has fallen since 2005, with experts saying that "90 percent of Swedish crime actually occurs in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".

As Politifact pointed out, Sweden did take measures in 2015 to curb migration to the country, following the record number of asylum applications in 2015.

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- @sweden / Max (@sweden)For some of the users defending @realDonaldTrump, actual citizenship doesn't make you less of a "migrant".

It's unclear whether Trump's imaginary terror attack will continue to dominate Karlsson's Twitter mentions; "It all depends on what Trump says next", he says. "It's a scandal! #shameless, '" Colbert said.

"As I've stated before, Sweden is facing true challenges".

Inconveniently, preliminary crime statistics for 2016 have just come out.

A surge in gang-related violence has pushed up the murder rate in the last couple of years.

"I mean, it's tragicomical that this is even happening, and that the leader of the free world is speaking this way about Sweden", Karlsson says.