'The Walking Dead' reaction: Was that Daryl, Carol reunion nearly romantic?

Watch a preview of The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 10, "New Best Friends". Though, there is a certain charm to her and that "Mad Max" style haircut. He also claps Gabriel on the back for a job well done.

Earlier in the episode, Morgan and Daryl have a brief chat after Morgan and company get back from their exchange with the Saviors. He's doing it to protect her, although it's a fragile effort at best; sooner or later, she's going to come into contact with one of the others, and the truth is going to come out. He also claims they made a deal with the Saviors like Ezekiel did.

As Ezekiel would say, "Huzzah!" They've apparently been living inside a catacomb-like junkyard for years, escaping detection and coping with what they call "the change" by following a simple policy: "We take, we don't bother".

Daryl got a crossbow back!

The episode itself starts when the Saviors come for their tribute.

What could've been a routine drop off with The Saviors quickly escalates because of Jared.

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Telling Rick that she needed to "know you're real with this, that you're worth it" she then pushed him off the edge of the scrapyard into a contained area that the others could see into but not actually access to help him. The king tells Richard to give up his gun.

I'm anxious to get more backstory for Richard.

You can ding the writing a few points for the convoluted nature of Richard's plan-I think it works, but I'm not sure how much effort I'd expend to defend it-but one decision in the show's favor is having Daryl nearly immediately figure out that Richard is talking about Carol, despite the man's pathetically obvious attempts at evasion.

She then asked Daryl if the Saviors had come for revenge and hurt anyone. Necessary or not, how is Daryl going to get himself out of this situation? There's fisticuffs and another standoff until Daryl walks away and leaves Richard to his missed ambush. It's not until Gabriel, who had been taken hostage by them (this is loosely explained, more on that in a moment), holds one of them at knifepoint and tells them if they join them and win they could have much of what the Saviors have.

The posters for the show are saying, "Rise Up", and there's a war that's going to happen. She's still not interested in connecting and closes the door, only to be annoyed by a door knock minutes later. It's not like our world, where you might sense a friend-spark with someone, ask them to kick it with you over some tacos or fro-yo and - bam! - you're besties. I love these two actors together. It's Carol and Daryl, two very wild cards, that has us excited for the remainder of Season 7. He doesn't go off on me, like, "How could you throw me down there?" Many members of The Kingdom know who and where she is - one of them is literally planning to have her killed! - so there is zero chance that she will be able to avoid this thing; having her think that all is well and Glenn is at home reading What to Expect When You're Expecting does her no favors. Morgan wants to talk to Daryl. She couldn't murder anyone else, which she would do in a heartbeat for them, without the awful price of her soul. When he beats it, they have an accord, but they also have yet another group they need to supply (with guns, specifically) and a limited amount of time to do it. By the end of their too-short reunion, she's still in the dark about it: Instead, Daryl simply tells her that the group worked out a deal with Negan to keep everyone safe. Let us know your take on The Walking Dead in the comments section below! It's all deeply felt and a reward for those who have been watching the series from the start. We do know that Rick Grimes was mighty happy to see them though last week.