Three ex-military officials emerge as favorites to replace Flynn

Three ex-military officials emerge as favorites to replace Flynn

Flynn's resignation could also alter dynamics within the White House, where senior officials are said to be jockeying over influence.

When the interactions were reported - U.S. intelligence routinely monitors all foreign embassies communications including and specially the Russian (and the Indian missions) as do all host countries - he claimed, one, he spoke only once to the embassy and, two, the sanctions were not discussed.

"The simple question is, does the president still have confidence in his National Security Advisor", one television reporter said loudly in earshot of Flynn and other senior aides before the news conference began. The Senate and House intelligence committees already are investigating possible connections between Russian Federation and people associated with the 2016 presidential campaigns.

"Flynn's resignation has considerable implications for the USA relations with Pakistan, simply because Flynn was one of the very few top Trump officials who had deep experience in and with Pakistan", Michael Kugelman, Asia Program Deputy Director and Senior Associate for South Asia at the Woodrow Wilson Center, told The News. Officials said that Flynn apologized to Pence.

"There are transcripts of a conversation in at least one phone call, recorded by American intelligence agencies that wiretap foreign diplomats, which may determine Mr. Flynn's future".

Now he's handed his resignation to Donald Trump due to loss of trust.

Retired General Keith Kellogg, who has been chief of staff of the White House National Security Council, was named the acting national security adviser.

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Reports state that it was later revealed that the call between the two was intercepted by intelligence officials and Fynn had attempted to assuage Russian concerns about the sanctions during the phone conversation.

An official, describing the intercepted communications, said Mr Flynn did not make promises about lifting sanctions. It is alleged that he discussed USA sanctions with Russian Federation before Trump took office, contravening a U.S. law stating that it is illegal for private citizens to conduct diplomacy.

He's a candidate to permanently fill the job, along with retired Admiral Robert Harward, a former deputy Centcom commander, and former CIA Director David Petraeus, who will visit the White House later this week. Mr. Flynn, for example, already faces allegations that he acted with the knowledge of others in Mr. Trump's transition team, and his past Russian links are being probed.

"This is what he asked me to communicate to you", Spicer told reporters, saying his phrasing represented the president's thinking.

"I just don't think it's useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own party", he said, as first reported by CNN. Trump pleaded ignorance: "I don't know about it".

CORRECTION: This article originally identified Gen. Michael Flynn as Secretary of Defense instead of the president's National Security Adviser.

He was also very concerned in light of sensitive subjects dealt with by that position of national security advisors like China, North Korea, and the Middle East, that the president must have complete and unwavering trust for the person in that position.